9 Sustainable Jumpsuits That'll Make The Planet Jump For Joy Image by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablejumpsuit #bestsustainablejumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyromper #susrainablerompers #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
9 Sustainable Jumpsuits That'll Make The Planet Jump For Joy Image by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablejumpsuit #bestsustainablejumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyromper #susrainablerompers #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

9 Sustainable Jumpsuits That’ll Make The Planet Jump For Joy

Amber McDaniel

Want to take a romper around the world of sustainable jumpsuits with us?

Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, one pieces—or whatever you call them—make for an all-in-one eco-friendly outfit that’s easy to wear and equally as easy on the planet if sourced properly. 

To give you a jumpstart, we compiled a list of the top makers of eco-friendly overalls and responsible rompers that are leaps and bounds above the rest.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The Top Ethical Jumpsuits To Jump-Start A Greener Tomorrow

MagicLinen jumpsuits made from clean and cooling linen are perfect for lounging or hitting the town. And the brand’s local Lithuanian supply chain keeps the planet cool, too.

Eco-friendly materials, Fair Trade factories, low-impact dyes, support for environmental causes—Patagonia’s collection of eco-friendly jumpsuits has soared to the top of our list.

Coyuchi doesn’t leap to conclusions with their jumpsuits made from supremely comfortable GOTS-certified organic cotton.

There’s more where those came from, but if you want to know how we picked these brands, jump(suit) down to the end of the article.

The Full List Of Eco-Friendly Jumpsuit Brands

1. Patagonia

9 Sustainable Jumpsuits That'll Make The Planet Jump For Joy Images by Sustainable Jungle and Patagonia #sustainablejumpsuit #bestsustainablejumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyromper #susrainablerompers #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle and Patagonia

About Patagonia

Price Range: $109–$139

It’s hard to speak about any environmentally conscious brand without mentioning Patagonia.

The California-based brand is a forerunner in sustainable outdoor clothing, with a vast catalog of tees, sweaters, leggings, hiking pants, jackets, baselayers, and sustainable men’s swimwear, and so much more.

So naturally, they offer a variety of options by way of both sustainable overalls, coveralls, and jumpsuits.

We aren’t exaggerating when we say the Fleetwith Romper, Fair Trade sewn using recycled polyester, is literally our single favorite piece of clothing we own.

The super stretchy and mobile recycled plastic romper features a multifunctional crossover-tank design that’s light and ultra-comfortable. 

Patagonia’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Patagonia crafts its fair trade jumpsuits from organic cotton, recycled polyester, hemp, and TENCEL™ lyocell. 

Many are made from bluesign® approved fabrics. 

However, some pieces include some spandex for stretch and breathability. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Over 80% of Patagonia’s apparel is sewn in Fair Trade-certified sites. 

As a Certified B Corp, they follow rigid criteria for healthy working environments, dignified practices, and sustainable production. 

They also detail where each garment is manufactured via The Footprint Chronicles and consistently top the Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index charts.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

For its 50th anniversary, Patagonia looks forward to a more sustainable world through regenerative agriculture, renewable energy, and countless green initiatives. 

Worn Wear allows customers to trade in old apparel easily and buy used gear at discounted prices. 

All of Patagonia’s shipping and packaging materials are made with FSC or SFI-certified recycled content or post-consumer waste.


Patagonia offers women’s sustainable overalls and eco-friendly rompers in sizes XXS–XXL. 

Community & charitable giving:

Patagonia helped create 1% for the Planet, contributing over $140 million since, and now divests all profits into either improving their own sustainability or to climate positive organizations directly.

Anyone can impact their local area through Patagonia Action Works, a platform allowing you to find social causes in your community. 

2. Coyuchi

9 Sustainable Jumpsuits That'll Make The Planet Jump For Joy Images by Coyuchi #sustainablejumpsuit #bestsustainablejumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyromper #susrainablerompers #sustainablejungle
Images by Coyuchi

About Coyuchi

Price Range: $28–$178

There’s nothing coy about our love for Coyuchi

You may know them as one of our favorite sustainable bedding brands, but they also have a small but impressive apparel line. 

In addition to robes, joggers, tops, and pajamas, they feature some of the best sustainable jersey jumpsuits for PJ-level comfort, like the Solstice.

Coyuchi’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Organic cotton is the sustainable material of choice, and it’s Fair Trade and GOTS-certified, and in some cases, MADE SAFE certified, too. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The organic cotton is grown and knit in India at a factory that recycles 98% of its wastewater. 

Many of their factories are Fair Trade certified.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

As a circular economy company, all pre-loved Coyuchi linens can be sent back to be resold or repurposed through their 2nd Home Take Back program.

They’re well on their way to eliminating virgin petroleum-based plastic packaging, instead using recycled poly bags. 

By 2025, they’ll have Net Neutral Emissions, followed by Net Positive Emissions in 2030. 


Women’s sizes range from XS-L.

Community & charitable giving:

As members of 1% for the Planet, they contribute funds to regenerative agriculture organizations like Fibershed, White Buffalo Land Trust, Urban Sprouts, and the California Wilderness Coalition—your choice! 

3. MATE the Label

9 Sustainable Jumpsuits That'll Make The Planet Jump For Joy Images by MATE the Label #sustainablejumpsuit #bestsustainablejumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyromper #susrainablerompers #sustainablejungle
Images by MATE the Label

About MATE the Label

Price Range: $118–$268

If you haven’t befriended MATE the Label, now is a good time.

This ethical clothing brand has your back when you need women’s tops, bottoms, sweats, tanks, bike shorts, and sustainable linen jumpsuits. 

The sustainable long-sleeve jumpsuit in Sedona is a favorite for its rugged and practical aesthetic that meets comfort.

MATE the Label’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Natural linen is the only material you’ll see on the tag, and it’s dyed with low-impact dyes.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The linen is sourced in Belarus before being transformed into the jumpsuit of your dreams in a Los Angeles factory only 17 miles from MATE’s HQ.

This reduces transportation and allows them to closely monitor the factory to ensure adherence to fair trade criteria and California labor laws.

Carbon commitments & green business practices:

In addition to eco-office practices, plastic-free, recycled packaging is used, like eco-friendly toilet paper and in-house composting.

The Certified B Corp is also Certified Climate Neutral, and their comprehensive Impact Report contains more green goodness. 


Women’s sustainable jumpsuit sizes XS-3X are available. 

Community & charitable giving:

For every purchase, 1% is donated to a nonprofit of the customer’s choosing, like Surfrider Foundation, Rodale Institute, Women’s Voices for the Earth, and more.

4. MagicLinen

9 Sustainable Jumpsuits That'll Make The Planet Jump For Joy Images by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablejumpsuit #bestsustainablejumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyromper #susrainablerompers #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About MagicLinen

Price Range: $86–$119

A jumpsuit shouldn’t be so tight you want to jump out of your skin. 

That’s why we love the breathable designs of MagicLinen’s sustainable fashion jumpsuits.

The linen clothing brand handcrafts high-quality jumpsuits that remain comfortable whether running errands or hitting the bars. 

The Elastic Waist Linen Romper is a summer favorite of ours, striking a unique balance, providing a light fit perfect for summer days or warm nights out. 

We especially love the elegant neckline and billowy shorts legs, that aren’t so short as to give cause for concern when bending over, but are loose enough to give the whole thing an elegant dress-like look.

Did we mention their eco-friendly rompers have pockets? 

MagicLinen’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


MagicLinen doesn’t take a leap of faith in their materials—they only use high-quality, European-grown linen with OEKO-TEX certification.

Supply chain & labor practices:

MagicLinen designs and produces each sustainable linen jumpsuit in a family-run studio in Vilnius, Lithuania, with a small, local supply chain. 

Each piece is handcrafted, ensuring the highest quality. 

MagicLinen also provides its workers fair treatment, working conditions, and wages via third-party auditing agencies.

Carbon commitments & green business practices:

MagicLinen uses 100% compostable cornstarch and PBAT (bio-based polymer) packaging materials to ship its sustainable jumpsuits. We can confirm these break down just fine in an indoor compost bin.

They mitigate as much textile waste as possible, using offcuts for tote bags and seasonal goods. 


You can find some of the best linen jumpsuits in women’s sizes XS–XL.

Community & charitable giving:

The brand also contributes to local community organizations by donating products and resources or volunteering their time.

5. Outerknown

9 Sustainable Jumpsuits That'll Make The Planet Jump For Joy Images by Outerknown #sustainablejumpsuit #bestsustainablejumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyromper #susrainablerompers #sustainablejungle
Images by Outerknown

About Outerknown

Price Range: $168–$198

They may be one of the most well-known sustainable men’s clothing companies, but Outerknown is more than OK at creating women’s fashion.

Some of their best-sellers are sustainable utility jumpsuits for women—all versatile enough for a day on the farm or a night on the town.

Available in three colors, the Station Jumpsuit is an all-star, featuring a cozy slouchy feel and functional design of organic cotton and linen.

Outerknown’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Organic cotton and an organic cotton-linen blend makes up these comfy, sustainable jumpsuits. 

Some styles feature natural corozo nut buttons. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

As a Fair Trade USA partner, safe and fair working conditions are ensured for their Mexican, Chinese, and Peruvian manufacturing partners.

They became accredited by the Fair Labor Association before the very first OK product was even shipped and have since provided thousands of workers with fair pay and gainful work. 

Carbon commitments & green business practices:

As per their 2030 plan, they’ll eliminate harmful chemicals and materials that shed microfibers in the coming decade. 

They’re also working to ensure their clothes are easier to recycle and are making the switch to renewable energy and regenerative feedstock. 

You can benefit from their circularity efforts by shopping from their Outerworn pre-loved collection.


Women’s sizes XS-XL are available. 

Community & charitable giving:

OK is a regular partner of Ocean Conservancy and has worked with other organizations, like The Ocean Cleanup and Surfrider Foundation.

6. Beaumont Organic

9 Sustainable Jumpsuits That'll Make The Planet Jump For Joy Images by Beaumont Organic #sustainablejumpsuit #bestsustainablejumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyromper #susrainablerompers #sustainablejungle
Images by Beaumont Organic

About Beaumont Organic

Price Range: $72–$287

If you’re looking for a stylishly simple sustainable jumpsuit, UK brand Beaumont Organic has your back—and legs and bum.

The brand believes in transparency and eco-conscious materials, crafting a comprehensive catalog of women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories.

The Nadia is an ethical linen jumpsuit made in Portugal, featuring a bold sunflower color perfect for summer, V-neck style, and large front pockets. 

Beaumont Organic’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Most of Beaumont’s jumpsuits are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton and OEKO-TEX-certified Italian linen. 

They have introduced new fibers in their other pieces, like recycled cotton, seaweed fabric, recycled denim yarn, and responsibly sourced wool.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Beaumont believes in transparency for all stages of production, including spinning the thread, knitting, weaving, and dyeing.

You can find a complete list of their suppliers online, with 97% in Portugal and the rest in the United Kingdom.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Each garment includes a ‘sustainability’ section detailing the fabrics, certifications, and production sites.

87% of Beaumont’s garments are produced within a 300-mile radius of Braga, Portugal, where most of their raw materials come from.

Customers in the United Kingdom can access free repairs and a circular resale platform.


Beaumont Organic offers eco-friendly jumpsuits in sizes XS–L (UK 8-18).

Community & charitable giving:

Through the Beaumont Organic Foundation, the brand supports numerous health and education projects in Fiji.

7. tentree

9 Sustainable Jumpsuits That'll Make The Planet Jump For Joy Images by tentree #sustainablejumpsuit #bestsustainablejumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyromper #susrainablerompers #sustainablejungle
Images by tentree

About tentree

Price Range: $68–$118

tentree is an excellent brand for all sorts of active and casual clothing essentials.

From kid’s clothing to a big range for big people, you’ll find all apparel and accessories rooted in responsibility.

The sustainable basics brand can also help you fit into sustainable short-sleeved jumpsuits, like the elegant Blakely, with ¾ flared cropped legs that are as functional as they are fashionable.

tentree’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


TENCEL™ lyocell fabric, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and sometimes a small amount of spandex are what you’ll find in these sustainable jersey jumpsuits.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Most of the Certified B Corp’s eco-friendly jumpsuits are made in China at an ethical factory that adheres to the brand’s code of conduct

Check out their factory ledger to see where their other manufacturing partners are located and the regulations they adhere to (Fair Trade, Fair Wear Foundation, SA8000, WRAP, BSCI).

Carbon commitments & green practices:

tentree’s Climate+ carbon offset packages can help you reduce your eco-guilt. 

You can offset a hot shower, Netflix binge, or a month of typical living. 

90% of products are shipped free of poly bags, and mailers are made from 100% recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable plastic. 


Women’s sizes XS–XL are available. 

Community & charitable giving:

tentree is undoubtedly a brand that gives back, and they do so by giving back to forests around the globe. For each item sold, ten…trees are planted.

8. Pact

9 Sustainable Jumpsuits That'll Make The Planet Jump For Joy Images by Pact #sustainablejumpsuit #bestsustainablejumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyromper #susrainablerompers #sustainablejungle
Images by Pact

About Pact

Price Range: $148

If you’ve followed Sustainable Jungle for any time, you know Pact is one of our favorite eco-friendly clothing brands.

We own several of their products, including organic cotton t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, shorts, leggings, and sleepwear. 

While we haven’t tested this one ourselves, we’re definitely eyeing their Boulevard Jumpsuit, which provides a practical style in four colors that can be worn anywhere.

The organic jumpsuit features four pockets, short sleeves, an antique metal zipper, and a removable belt. 

Pact’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Pact doesn’t skip, hop, or jump around with its materials. Their primary material is 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, but some styles include hemp and small amounts of elastane.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Most of Pact’s clothing is produced in Fair Trade facilities in India, with garments marked online. 

With fair labor practices and working environments, over 50% of their organic cotton comes from India. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Besides organic materials, Pact conserves resources and partners with SimpliZero to measure the impact of each product.

They offset carbon emissions through reforestation, renewable energy, and community initiatives. 

Each garment is shipped in carbon-neutral Vela Bags, an FSC-certified recyclable paper bag. 


Pact carries sustainable rompers in women’s sizes between XS and XXL.

Community & charitable giving:

The Give Back Box program allows customers to return gently used garments (even those without the Pact label) to be donated to one of the five partner charities.

9. Urbankissed

9 Sustainable Jumpsuits That'll Make The Planet Jump For Joy Images by Urbankissed #sustainablejumpsuit #bestsustainablejumpsuits #ethicaljumpsuits #ecofriendlyromper #susrainablerompers #sustainablejungle
Images by Urbankissed

About Urbankissed

Price Range: $72–$344

With more than 10,000 sustainable fashion products, Urbankissed helps you pucker up for planet-friendly clothing, bags, accessories, shoes, lingerie, jewelry, and homewares.

Every brand on this fashion-specific alternative to Amazon meets its 15 Slow & Ethical Index standards.

A one-stop-shop for curating that capsule wardrobe, they have tops, outerwear, activewear, swimwear, dresses, and jumpsuits of all cuts and colors.

Urbankissed Ethical & Sustainability Practices


For sustainable denim jumpsuits made of GOTS-certified organic cotton, they’ve got your whole body covered. 

Tencel, Repreve (recycled) polyester, and upcycled cotton are other standard fabrics.

You’ll also find pieces perfect for the summer, like the breezy Barefoot Romper, made entirely from hemp. 

Many fabrics and dyes are bluesign® and/or OEKO-TEX certified with natural wooden buttons.

Supply chain & labor practices:

With over 100+ brands featured, supply chains are plenty, but you can rest assured knowing they’re all ethically vetted by Urbankissed.

Some slow fashion garments are handmade in small batches by an artisan family in India. Others are made with organic cotton from Benin and Tanzania and finished in France. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Worldwide shipping is carbon neutral, and the offsets support Urbankissed’s forest in Madagascar. This translates to one tree planted per item sold and an additional tree if you subscribe to their newsletter.


Women’s sizes XXS-XXL are available in all styles. They also have plus-size options, with some going up to 5XL. 

Community & charitable giving:

5% of every purchase from some brands is donated to animal sanctuaries.

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How We Found The Best Sustainable Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are already an excellent way to avoid fast fashion because they wholly embody (pun intended) some of slow fashion’s core tenets: versatility, utility, and minimalism.

But not all jumpsuits are created equally.

Here’s how we used our sustainable fashion criteria to find these ethical jumpsuits.


Sustainable fabrics, like organic cotton, hemp, and linen round out the natural, biodegradable materials.

Semi-synthetics lyocell, modal, and bamboo fabric should be made in a closed-loop process, but if they are, they’re eco-friendly overall (get it?).

Recycled synthetic fabrics (polyester and nylon) are okay; Just have a Guppy Friend bag to capture microplastics in the wash.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

No one wants to romp around in something tarnished by greenwashing, so brands with transparent supply chains are a must.

This helps ensure the provision of living wages, safe workspaces, fair trade working conditions, and zero human trafficking.

It’s also nice to see inclusivity for marginalized or disenfranchised groups. 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Jumpsuits get much greener with local supply chains, recycled/biodegradable packaging, supporting carbon offset programs, and practices that reduce waste and reuse inputs.

We also look for brands prioritizing circular fashion by offering timeless and durable designs, recycling or resale programs, or repair programs.


While there’s room for improvement in this sector, we ideally seek brands that offer a full range of sizes to fit all bodies.

Community & charitable giving: 

We love seeing brands cover all bases by giving back with donations, time, or support toward activism communities.

Final Thoughts On Sustainable Fashion Jumpsuits

If you’re on a mission to over(h)all your closet with the perfect jumpsuit, these ethical jumpsuit brands have your whole body covered in one simple piece of sustainable fabric.

Remember, while rompers are arguably the most versatile garments for a minimalist wardrobe, the best sustainable jumpsuit is the one already hanging in your closet. 

We’d jump(suit) with joy if you’d share this list with friends. 

Together, we can support brands doing better and encourage more to follow suit.


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