13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling #sustainablejewelrybrands #ethicaljewelrybrands #ethicalfinejewelrybrands #ecofriendlyjewelry #ecofriendlysustainablejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle Image by Nisolo
Image by Nisolo
13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling #sustainablejewelrybrands #ethicaljewelrybrands #ethicalfinejewelrybrands #ecofriendlyjewelry #ecofriendlysustainablejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle Image by Aurate
Image by Aurate

13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling

The SJ Team

Unlike your ethical underwear, showing off your ethical jewelry is encouraged. 

How much better would you feel about showing off a rock that’s associated with positive social and environmental practices?

Granted, sustainable jewelry has a long way to go, as beautiful bling is often linked with not-so-beautiful armed conflicts, unsafe working conditions, child labor, and the end of eco-systems. 

Fortunately, diamonds can be a girl’s best friend…these sustainable jewelry brands are paving the way towards a fairer, more sustainable, and hands-down more beautiful jewelry industry.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

Ethical Jewelry Companies We Love

Nisolo puts the Certified B in BLING. As one of the top sustainable US jewelry brands, they’re known for recycled metals and compensation above fair trade wages. 

While Certified Carbonfree®-Brilliant Earth put’s their B in their beautiful range of custom designed luxury jewelry utilizing the likes of reclaimed stones and precious metals.

And topping off the trifecta of B’s, Certified B Corp, Raven + Lilly provides over 500 artisans around the world from underrepresented social groups with flexible working hours, paid maternity leave and living wages.

Skip down to the end to see how we sifted through all the rhinestones to find the diamonds in the rough.

1. Nisolo

13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling #sustainablejewelrybrands #ethicaljewelrybrands #ethicalfinejewelrybrands #ecofriendlyjewelry #ecofriendlysustainablejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle Images by Nisolo
Images by Nisolo

About Nisolo

Price Range: $

When the sustainable accessories you already own are a no-go, Nisolo can step in to help. 

They might be best known for their ethical heels and eco friendly handbags, but the Certified B Corp also has artisan made jewelry that we think would suit most budgets and occasions.

Nisolo’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Upcycled brass with a shiny gloss makes for inspiring vintage jewelry: earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

Transparency & labor practices: 

Every piece is made by local artisan groups in Kenya that adhere to the brand’s Code of Conduct to ensure safe and supportive conditions. 

Nisolo is partially behind the #LowestWageChallenge, which aims to increase transparency in the fashion industry and improve wages for artisans—because 98% don’t earn a living wage. 

Nisolo’s are paid 33% higher than average fair trade wages.

They ranked #1 out of all leather footwear and accessories brands in the latest B-Corp audit.

Green business practices: 

Thanks to offsets supporting reforestation in the Peruvian Amazon, Nisolo’s jewelry is carbon neutral jewelry.

Community & charitable giving: 

Nisolo’s Shoe Reclamation Program keeps YOUR unwanted shoes out of landfills and instead provides livelihood opportunities around the globe, thanks to their partnership with Soles4Souls


13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling #sustainablejewelrybrands #ethicaljewelrybrands #ethicalfinejewelrybrands #ecofriendlyjewelry #ecofriendlysustainablejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle Images by ABLE
Images by ABLE

About ABLE

Price Range: $

ABLE is one of our favorite ethical shoe brands, but really they’re capABLE of head-to-toe accessorizing. 

They create handmade jewelry, including: dangle and hoop earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and personalized pieces. 

They’re another one of the affordable sustainable jewelry brands offering a more ethical jewelry collection. 

ABLE’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Several materials and recycled metals are used in ABLE’s ethical jewelry: a 14K gold fill, vermeil (a type of high-quality silver plated with gold), brass, nickel-free sterling silver (from recycled silver), and 18K gold plating. 

Natural solutions are used instead of harsh chemicals during manufacturing.

Transparency & labor practices: 

Every stunning jewelry piece is crafted in Nashville, Tennessee. We’re reaching out to confirm further details on their materials sourcing.

The brand makes a conscious effort to employ and empower women to help curb generational poverty. 

They join Nisolo in being transparent with their lowest wages, having released their Nashville wages and Ethiopia wages (which increased the number of those receiving a living wage here from 1/3 to almost 100%).

They plan to release the wages of their partners in India, Brazil and Mexico, watch this space.

Green business practices: 

ABLE is all about wasting less. Any scrap metal is sent to a refinery to be melted down into a new sheet of conflict free gold or silver.

Many of their vendors recycle, source local materials, repurpose waste, and use clean water practices. 

Shipping boxes are repurposed. 

3. Brilliant Earth

13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling #sustainablejewelrybrands #ethicaljewelrybrands #ethicalfinejewelrybrands #ecofriendlyjewelry #ecofriendlysustainablejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle Images by Brilliant Earth
Images by Brilliant Earth

About Brilliant Earth

Price Range: $–$$$$

From wedding rings to sustainable tennis bracelets, Brilliant Earth’s luxury sustainable jewelry shines.

You’ll find recycled metals, lab grown, upcycled and blockchain technology-enabled diamonds across their range of rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets for both men and women.

You can also choose the most sustainable jewelry materials to custom create your own ring, necklace, or earrings, however you like.

Brilliant Earth’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Brilliant Earth offers an unmatched selection of diamonds and gemstones, many of which are lab-grown or recycled. 

These make for their most ethical jewelry since no mining is involved.

The majority (upwards of 93%) of their gold, silver, platinum, and tungsten metals are recycled or reclaimed, again removing the need to source virgin metals in their collections. The remaining percentage is Fairmined and RMI certified. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Responsible Jewelry Council certified and Fairmined licensed, Brilliant Earth utilizes only mercury-free mining methods that do not finance rebel groups.

A sourcing map discloses the country of origin for both their natural diamonds and colored gemstones. 

If there are countries you wish to avoid for ethical concerns, their shopping filters make this easy.

The majority of their diamonds are traceable throughout the entire supply chain thanks to the blockchain technology created by Everledger. We look forward to when all their diamonds are.

They try to ensure safe and sustainable sourcing by prioritizing small, cost-sharing, and impact-conscious cooperatives rather than large-scale mines.

Green business practices:

Each piece from this Certified Carbonfree® brand comes in an FSC-certified wooden box.

A lifetime warranty guarantee’s their sustainable jewelry will keep sparkling for years to come.

You can read more about their eco efforts—which are organized around six of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals—in their sustainability report.

Community & charitable giving:

With over $1 million contributed to the Brilliant Earth Foundation, they support a brilliant range of environmental and social justice organizations.

These include the NAACP, ACLU, Rainforest Alliance, and Pure Earth—among others.

4. Catbird

13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling #sustainablejewelrybrands #ethicaljewelrybrands #ethicalfinejewelrybrands #ecofriendlyjewelry #ecofriendlysustainablejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle Images by Catbird
Images by Catbird

About Catbird

Price Range: $–$$$$

Catbird may have started out in a humble storefront, but this ethical fine jewelry brand now has us meowing for their fair trade and artisan jewelry.

If you find yourself in New York, do not pop the question or walk down the aisle before visiting their Brooklyn studio, because…eco friendly wedding rings, of course!

And if your relationship status is more “ew” than “I do”, they also have anklets, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings for other, non-knee bending poses. 

Catbird’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Catbird has a lot to offerwhich means a lot of materials. 

Some favorites include recycled metals (like recycled gold) and lab created diamonds and precious gems (AKA conflict-free), sustainably harvested freshwater pearls, and fair trade gold. 

Transparency & labor practices: 

The pearls are sourced from a third-generation Chinese pearl industry farm and the conflict free gold is supported by Catbird’s membership of No Dirty Gold.

If you live in the Big Apple, stroll by their shop and chat with a team supported by better than fair wages, healthcare, a retirement plan, and unlimited cold brew coffee. 

Green business practices: 

Small studio, small supply chain, small carbon footprint.


The woman-owned business has an under $25 and an under $200 section so more people can enjoy the gift of an ethical gem.

Community & charitable giving: 

The ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and Black Lives Matter are all better off because of Catbird bling. Their Catbird Giving Fund has contributed more than $1,000,000 to a range of organizations.

5. Raven + Lily

13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling #sustainablejewelrybrands #ethicaljewelrybrands #ethicalfinejewelrybrands #ecofriendlyjewelry #ecofriendlysustainablejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle Images by Raven + Lily
Images by Raven + Lily

About Raven + Lily

Price Range: $–$$

Raven + Lily is inspired by nature. 

When you adorn yourself in pieces from the Austin, Texas brand, you’ll feel inspired, too. 

They’re dedicated to positive social and environmental impact, and bring these values to life in their beautiful fair trade products, which include earrings, bracelets, and rings.

Raven + Lily’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Looking for ethical jewelry brands for precious stones and semi-precious stones?

This nature-inspired co. uses plenty of those, often in a raw form to preserve the rocks, minerals, and even plants.

For metal, they use 100% upcycled, hand-polished brass.

Transparency & labor practices:

The Certified B Corporation is a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

They support 520 artisans and 10 artisan partners around the world, many from underrepresented social groups. The product descriptions will tell you where that piece was made.

Everyone (yes, 100%) receives living wages, flexible working hours, paid maternity leave, and respectful workplaces. 

Green business practices: 

Less is more when it comes to their sustainably handmade jewelry, which is designed to last. 

They use eco-friendly packaging and carbon-neutral shipping. 

Raven + Lily was named by Remake as one of the 10 brands ‘leading the way’ for their sustainability efforts.


Raven + Lily also works to empower women. 100% women-led at HQ and promotes diversity and inclusivity at every level. 90% of their artisan partners are women and 70% of all their artisans and board members are women too.

Community & charitable giving: 

1% of the brand’s sales go back to organizations they align with, like Reclaim the Block, NAACP, the SAFE Alliance, and the Women’s Fund at the Austin Community Foundation. 

6. Salt + Still

13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling #sustainablejewelrybrands #ethicaljewelrybrands #ethicalfinejewelrybrands #ecofriendlyjewelry #ecofriendlysustainablejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle Images by Salt + Still
Images by Salt + Still

About Salt + Still

Price Range: $–$$

Salt + Still are known for: quilts and jewelry. 

Those may sound very different but wrapping yourself in ethical gold makes us feel just as fuzzy as a good fair trade blanket.

The name is a tribute to water and symbolic of the mountains and the sea, new and old traditions, and natural magic. 

It’s this natural magic that you’ll find in the brand’s environmentally friendly jewelry, which includes earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. 

Salt & Still’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Recycled metals (sterling silver, bronze, and 14k recycled gold fill) are primarily used along with some naturally-dyed linen, cotton, or silk in some pieces.

The dyes are 100% natural, using everything from onion skins and avocado to henna and cochineal (an insect, so these aren’t vegan).  

Transparency & labor practices: 

Everything is made individually or in teeny-tiny batches in the brand’s New York studio. 

Green business practices: 

Made to order means one-of-a-kind pieces, and no unnecessary waste. 

The jewelry is sent in a branded cotton drawstring bag with biodegradable and recycled shipping materials. 

7. Mejuri

13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling #sustainablejewelrybrands #ethicaljewelrybrands #ethicalfinejewelrybrands #ecofriendlyjewelry #ecofriendlysustainablejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle Images by Mejuri
Images by Mejuri

About Mejuri

Price Range: $–$$$$

If you want “fine jewelry for my damn self”, no occasion required, Mejuri can assist. 

As a third-generation jeweler, founder/CEO Noura Sakkijha knew how ugly the world of pretty things could be. 

That’s why Mejuiro offers fair trade products that empower women and other global artisans.

Their sustainable jewelry collection includes elegant, everyday-wear pieces: classic pearl strands, studs, diamond eternity rings, hoop earrings, wedding rings, and fair trade gold chains.

Mejuri’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


This sustainable jewelry features 14k gold (both recycled gold and new), 18k gold vermeil, ethically sourced AAA-grade gemstones and pearls, rhodium-plated sterling silver, and conflict free diamonds sourced from Kimberley Process-compliant suppliers.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Mejuri believes “traceability is everything”, hence their commitment to 100% traceable fair trade gold.

70% of their gold is made from certified recycled materials. The other 30% comes from small scale artisanal mines.

Suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council are prioritized.

They partner directly with master jewelers around the globe to eliminate middle men and offer fair prices. For example, gemstone and silver pieces often come from Seoul, South Korea, and gold chains from Arezzo, Italy.

Green business practices:

Why 14k solid gold instead of 18k?

Because 14k is more durable and Mejuri wants its pieces to last a lifetime.

Through accredited Life Cycle Assessments, they’ve set a Science Based Target Initiative to reduce their carbon footprint in line with the Paris Agreement.


13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling #sustainablejewelrybrands #ethicaljewelrybrands #ethicalfinejewelrybrands #ecofriendlyjewelry #ecofriendlysustainablejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle Images by SOKO
Images by SOKO

About SOKO

Price Range: $–$$

SOKO is a women-led ethical jewelry brand that brings global market access to artisan communities in Kenya.  

And boy is their artisan sustainable jewelry ever stunning, not to mention wearable for just about any occasion. 

Pair these statement pieces with a designer evening gown you got via a dress rental online or with some basic sustainable jeans. Either way, you’ll look equally as flawless!

SOKO’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Many of SOKO’s sustainable sourced materials have been creatively recycled and repurposed

This includes brass (sourced from vendors meeting Prop 65 regulations) and horns and bones from the East African food industry.

The recycled brass is used to create silver.

Some pieces feature homemade beads from Kazuri, a Fair Trade women’s collective in Kenya.

Sustainable Sudanese teak off-cuts are also used, as well as chrome and 24K gold plating. 

Transparency & labor practices: 

SOKO is a Certified B Corporation that ranks for job creation, promoting diversity and inclusion, and contributing to supply chain poverty alleviation. 

Their artisans earn five times more than the average wage.

Green business practices: 

While they’re currently in the process of obtaining their ISO 14001:2015 certification, SOKO already has systems in place to reduce the use of hazardous materials, energy, water, and other natural materials. 

Community & charitable giving: 

The SOKO Partnership range features pieces that support social organizations—like the United Nations Trust Fund, a program that combats violence against women. 

9. Aurate

13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling #sustainablejewelrybrands #ethicaljewelrybrands #ethicalfinejewelrybrands #ecofriendlyjewelry #ecofriendlysustainablejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle Images by Aurate
Images by Aurate

About Aurate

Price Range: $–$$$$

Don’t pop the question with any old ring. 

Let Aurate show your love with one of their ethical engagement rings

But if you’re still waiting to “put a ring on it”, the brand has eco friendly sustainable jewelry for all occasions, including wedding rings, engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. 

Aurate’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


The chemical symbol for gold is AU, which is where Aurate got its name from. 

They use 100% recycled gold, sustainably harvested pearls, and conflict free diamonds and precious gems (per the Kimberley Process). 

Transparency & labor practices: 

The brand’s partner mines adhere to strict conditions around fair wages, health and safety, and respect and support for local communities. 

Green business practices: 

Excess materials are recycled and pieces are designed to last, backed by a lifetime guarantee.


Aurate is all about diversity and inclusivity. That’s why they currently have 50% diverse leadership and 75% female leadership. 

Company wide, they’re at 77% diversity.

Community & charitable giving: 

The women-owned brand regularly supports local and global organizations alike—like Mastery CharterShe Should Run, and BUILD New York.

10. KBH Jewels

13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling #sustainablejewelrybrands #ethicaljewelrybrands #ethicalfinejewelrybrands #ecofriendlyjewelry #ecofriendlysustainablejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle Images by KBH Jewels
Images by KBH Jewels

About KBH Jewels

Price Range: $$–$$$$

As a New York sustainable jewelry brand, KBH Jewels is redefining the landscape of luxury bling. 

Their investment-worthy pieces include earrings, wedding rings, engagement rings, necklaces, and bracelets for both men and women.  

KBH Jewels’ Ethical and Sustainability Practices


KBH pieces are handcrafted with 14K solid reclaimed gold and fine lab-grown diamonds. Neither of which have seen the inside of a mining pit. 

They also use organic South Sea pearls cultivated by responsible farmers.

Transparency & labor practices: 

KBH uses mostly SCS Certified suppliers who support positive environmental and socio-economic initiatives and fair wages. 

Their collection is designed and made in the USA and the brand is a member/supporter of a number of ethical jewelry campaigns: Positive LuxuryEthical MetalsmithsPure Earth, Earthworks, Responsible Jewelry Council, No Dirty Gold Campaign, Mercury Free Mining, and MJSA.

Green business practices: 

Circular practices and recycling are applied to everything that KBH produces, supplies, and ships.

All jewelry comes in a GOTS-organic cotton pouch or a 100% post-consumer recycled box inside a recycled padded mailer. Even the insert card is made with recycled paper.

Community & charitable giving: 

This eco friendly jewelry brand challenges people to “Wear Your Values” and regularly contribute to Pure Earth, a nonprofit working to solve the pollution crisis in low-income countries.

KBH specifically funds their Amazon reforestation efforts in areas damaged by metal mining.

They’re also part of the Female Founder Collective and have supported various other organizations (such as The Loveland Foundation, Together Rising, Oceanic Global, and Baby2Baby) through seasonal giving campaigns.

11. Kind Karma Company

13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling #sustainablejewelrybrands #ethicaljewelrybrands #ethicalfinejewelrybrands #ecofriendlyjewelry #ecofriendlysustainablejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle Images by Kind Karma Company
Images by Kind Karma Company

About Kind Karma Company

Price Range: $–$$$

Toronto-based Kind Karma Company is just that: kind. 

The female-founded brand is one of the best sustainable jewelry brands we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing.

Look good and feel good by donning one of their minimalist jewelry pieces: bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, because each piece spreads a bit of kindness and hope.

Kind Karma Company’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


14K gold and sterling silver are combined with various gemstones (like lava stones, emeralds, freshwater pearls, and seashells). 

Sustainable sourced materials come from reputable wholesalers in the USA and Canada.

Transparency & labor practices: 

At-risk and homeless youths create their collection of artisan made jewelry. 

They are passionate about creating a flexible work environment that is understanding, and healing for their workers, as well as one that provides them with useful skills.

Kind Karma hopes to soon achieve their B-Corp and Fair Trade certifications.

Green business practices: 

Recycled packaging and waste reduction practices are used.

Community & charitable giving: 

Most of Kind Karma’s workers have had trouble holding down jobs in the past. 

With Kind Karma, they benefit from art therapy-based employment, financial independence, and relationships with other employees.

Their Kind Karma Mentors program allows the community to get involved in supporting their youth employees even more by providing answers to questions about education, careers, and housing. 

Their “good people doing good things” blog series also encourages community engagement and truly embodies the notion of kind karma.

12. Washed Ashore

13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling #sustainablejewelrybrands #ethicaljewelrybrands #ethicalfinejewelrybrands #ecofriendlyjewelry #ecofriendlysustainablejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle Images by Washed Ashore
Images by Washed Ashore

About Washed Ashore

Washed Ashore crafts everyday wear adornments using recycled metals and other fully upcycled materials.

Founder Larada Lamsam believes all objects carry energy, so she creates beautiful pieces that carry a beautiful history of kindness across all involved in crafting them.

Named one of Positive Luxury’s Brands to Trust, their sustainable jewelry collection features unique pieces, including puhka necklaces and bracelets, signet rings, and dainty charms.

Washed Ashore’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Washed Ashore’s fair trade gold is gold that wasn’t mined at all. 

That’s why their sustainable jewelry is made from 100% recycled materials. All metals, gemstones, and diamonds come from vintage jewelry.

They also use natural materials such as abalone shell waste upcycled from the food industry in Thailand and deadstock Keshi pearls sourced as a byproduct of Japan’s pearl industry.

They aren’t bleached or treated in any way.

Supply chain & labor practices:

They aim for full traceability with their sourcing and refine metals through a Responsible Jewellery Council member in their own building.

All suppliers and manufacturers have been third-party audited to ensure workers have sustainable livelihoods.

Green business practices:

Washed Ashore partners with CarbonFund to offset all transportation related to their fair trade products, and mails them in fully recyclable packaging.

U.S. customers can send in their old fine jewelry to be recycled responsibly and get brand new pieces at a discount.

Community & charitable giving:

Over the years, this 1% for the Planet member has partnered with a huge range of nonprofits, such as The Surfrider FoundationCoral Gardeners, and Color of Change, to name just a few.

13. Omi Woods

13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling #sustainablejewelrybrands #ethicaljewelrybrands #ethicalfinejewelrybrands #ecofriendlyjewelry #ecofriendlysustainablejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle Images by Omi Woods
Images by Omi Woods

About Omi Woods

Price Range: $$

We’ve joined the likes of Vogue, Ebony, and Cultured Magazine in falling head over heels for Omi Woods

Omi is Yoruban for “water” and pays tribute to the founder’s Jamaican-Ashanti-Maroon heritage. 

This woman and Black-owned Etsy jewelry shop incorporates traditional tribal designs and African culture in the stunning jewelry collection of earrings, cufflinks, necklaces, and pendants. 

Omi Woods’ Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Conflict free gold, vermeil (18K gold topping sterling silver), and sterling silver are your main metals of choice. 

Upon request, you can also get pieces made from platinum, white gold, and rose gold.

Transparency & labor practices: 

Omi Woods is one of several ethical luxury jewelry brands that partners with small scale artisanal mines to support African communities with fair trade wages, health care, and educational opportunities. 

All other metals are a product of ethical, conflict-free casting houses and fair trade African gold mines.

Green business practices: 

Fine metals = corrosion & oxidation resistance = long lasting wear. 

Community & charitable giving: 

The brand regularly supports one social and environmental organization per year, like 8 Billion Trees last year and AllOneBlood the year before that. They’ve yet to announce their 2021 give-back partner.

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How We Chose The Best Sustainable Jewelry Brands

Accessorizing with eco friendly fashion jewelry should allow you to wear your heart on your sleeve (or around your neck or on your finger). 

We considered social and environmental practices when searching for the best bling on this list.


Reused, reclaimed, and repurposed materials are by far the best choice, as it means no mining (and thus none of the jewelry industry’s major ethical conflicts).

For example, the most ethical silver jewelry is recycled silver jewelry, though recycled metals such as recycled gold and brass are also better options.

For conflict free diamonds and gemstones, you’ll see lab-grown, recycled, or ethically sourced diamonds and precious gems (fair trade materials). We’d recommend lab-grown and recycled as fully traceable claims are very hard to prove especially since most brands do not have the resources to guarantee their suppliers are beyond reproach.

Transparency & labor practices: 

Fair trade sustainable jewelry can definitely make one feel better about spending an entire month’s pay on a pair of earrings (though thankfully, most of these brands are far more affordable than that). 

Regardless of budget, we looked for conflict free stones that steers clear of any forced/child labor or unsafe work environments.  

Fair pay is another key consideration.

Green business practices: 

Emerald may not be your style, but we love it when jewelry has a green hue – we look for things like carbon offset programs, the use of renewable energy and eco-conscious packaging.

Community & charitable giving: 

Jewelry is often used to express love so we also paid attention to eco friendly jewelry designers who extend that love to their local communities and charitable organizations. 

Final Thoughts On Ethical Jewelry Brands

What is sustainable jewelry?

That in part depends on what’s important to you and how you define it.

But supporting sustainable jewelry brands you can feel better about is an easy decision. Besides nice jewelry might cost you (or your love) a pretty penny, but that should be the only cost.

Just remember your own jewelry collection is still the most sustainable bling—or vintage jewelry you score secondhand.

Now, don’t leave us dangling. 

Let the earrings do that and share this article with friends. Maybe even forward this guide to your significant other as a not-so-subtle hint about what you’d like for this year’s anniversary 😉 or an ethical gift for Christmas.

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13 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For The Most Ethical Bling #sustainablejewelrybrands #ethicaljewelrybrands #ethicalfinejewelrybrands #ecofriendlyjewelry #ecofriendlysustainablejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle Image by Mejuri

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