9 Organic Sweatpants That Are Cozy For Our Climate Image by Sustainable Jungle #organicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpants #organiccottonsweats #mensorganicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpantswomens #organiccozysweatpants #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
9 Organic Sweatpants That Are Cozy For Our Climate Image by Sustainable Jungle #organicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpants #organiccottonsweats #mensorganicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpantswomens #organiccozysweatpants #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

9 Organic Sweatpants That Are Cozy For Our Climate

Heather Seely

Which is you: Sweaty and swol or snuggly Sunday movie marathons?

Tomato, Tomatoe…because organic sweatpants keep your caboose and conscience cozy no matter which camp you’re in. 

If your sweats are purely for housebound activities, you might be tempted to splurge elsewhere and shrug at the synthetic fabrics that make up many standard sweats. 

But, these comfies made of polyester, nylon, rayon, and conventional cotton can be just as disappointing as changing out of sweatpants into jeans. 

Nevermind rashes and clogged pores, these synthetic fibers restrict skin breathability and release microplastics into the environment.

Not so interested in getting sweaty in non-organic sweats, now? 

Don’t sweat it!

We’ve found the best organic cotton sweatpants to soften the blow to the landfill and your health.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

Our Go-To Grabs For Organic Sweatpants

If you’re looking for a statement pair with minimal impact on the planet, one of Colorful Standard’s 50+ OEKO-TEX-certified colors will surely have the right flare (and fit) for you.

MATE the Label’s ethically sourced materials and an ever-localizing supply chain is why they’re our go-to for organic cotton sweatpants for the whole family—not to mention they’re the only American-made sweatpants on this list. 

Expand your reach and reduce your impact with Outerknown’s recycled or organic cotton materials and circularity commitments.

To cozy up with our criteria for choosing these organic cozy sweatpants, veg out at the bottom of the article.

The Full List Of Organic Cotton Sweatpants

1. Pact

9 Organic Sweatpants That Are Cozy For Our Climate Images by Pact #organicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpants #organiccottonsweats #mensorganicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpantswomens #organiccozysweatpants #sustainablejungle
Images by Pact

About Pact

Price Range: $135

Let’s make a pact to support organic clothing brands.

Pact’s 100% organic cotton sweatpants born in the US but made in India claims to be the “Earth’s Favorite Clothing”, signed, sealed and trademarked.

Prepare for your next sustainable travel venture with the Airplane Jogger, so you can feel like you’re sitting on clouds while flying through them.

For men’s organic cotton sweatpants, spend your day off in the aptly named Off Duty Jogg.

Pact’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Pact sweatpants and sweatshirts are made up of organic cotton, with a few select styles containing minimal elastane. 

All cotton sweatpants are fair-trade and GOTS-certified. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

This company’s Fair Trade certified factories and farms in India supplies the cozy cotton and ensures their employees are paid a fair, living wage and work in a safe place.

Green business practices:

Thanks to SimpliZero, Pact is able to measure the impact of every item made, shipped and worn. This in-depth look allows carbon offsetting so specific that Pact offers you the choice to offset your own carbon emissions during shipment. 

Pact set sail to the last of their plastic packaging and welcomed the Vela bag, made of recyclable paper. 


Pact’s XS–XXL sweatpants for adults and 12m–10yo options will have the whole family curled up in style.

Community & charitable giving:

Pact’s partnership with the Give Back Box program enables you to return pre-loved clothing from any brand to be donated to charity. Don’t forget to print the free shipping label!

2. Colorful Standard

9 Organic Sweatpants That Are Cozy For Our Climate Images by Sustainable Jungle #organicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpants #organiccottonsweats #mensorganicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpantswomens #organiccozysweatpants #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Colorful Standard

Price Range: $118

Colorful Standard makes comfortability and sustainability the standard in sweatpants. 

Dressing your sweatpants up or cozying them down? No matter. Colorful Standard has you covered (literally) with organic hoodies, sweatshirts, tanks and socks in every color. 

Their unisex organic sweatpants will keep you (or your beau) relaxing in 100% organic, anti-pilling, brushed-on-the-inside bliss.

Colorful Standard’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


These GOTS-certified and PETA-approved Veganapp100% cotton sweatpants are as green as their Khaki cozies.

You can opt for white organic cotton sweatpants, or one of their many colors, knowing they don’t compromise safety with the OEKO-TEX okay on all their low-impact dyes. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

With their manufacturing plant in Portugal (known for its long history of high-quality textiles), Colorful Standard takes transparency to the next level with an anytime drop-in invitation.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

No seasons and long-lasting” is the idea behind timeless, sustainable pieces that won’t need updating due to trends or quality. 

Cozy up to the concept of eco garment dying, each item is stitched together and washed in the dye, saving water over traditional dyeing processes.

CS ensures their supply chain stays small and sustainable from the factory to your door. 


Their unisex styles offer sizes XS-2XL giving almost every booty breathable coverage.

Community & charitable giving:

Kicking off community giving in a big way, CS founders made a football field for children in the Democratic Republic of The Congo. 

Initially supplied with only footballs, they’ve upped their game by evolving the stadium into a multipurpose, well-equipped activity center.

3. MATE the Label

9 Organic Sweatpants That Are Cozy For Our Climate Images by Sustainable Jungle #organicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpants #organiccottonsweats #mensorganicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpantswomens #organiccozysweatpants #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About MATE the Label

Price Range: $58–$138

Developed by women for women (big and small), MATE the Label wants soft organic sweatpants (and tees, tanks, intimates, hoodies & more) that stand up to current trends and wear time. 

But these days, they don’t just offer women’s organic sweatpants like the Organic Fleece Relaxed Pocket Sweatpant.

MATE now has organic kids’ sweatpants and men’s sweatpants to have the whole family sporting Dress Clean® garb to match your little mini. 

MATE’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


MATE sweatpants and joggers are made out of 100% organic cotton. 

They’re committed to ethically sourced, natural materials as part of The MATE’s Eight sustainability principles, which is why you’ll find it in most of their sustainable loungewear.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Local and labor pair like sweats and slippers with MATE’s deep-rooted commitment to the LA apparel community. 

All MATE’s goods are made in LA, often not more than 15 minutes from their head office. 

Green business practices:

MATE’s hyper-local supply chain allows frequent visits, supporting factory workers and reducing their carbon footprint by traveling within 10 miles. 

When receiving organic cotton from India, MATE uses sea freight to offset their carbon emissions. 

They’re doing their part in becoming Climate Neutral and joined the California Cotton & Climate Coalition, which promotes California-grown cotton while supporting regenerative farmers and further reducing their carbon emissions. 

They’ll also recycle unwanted MATE products through the reMATE circularity program


For organic cotton joggers, women’s sizes run XS–3XL (though some styles only to XL)

Organic men’s sweatpants run S-XXL.

Community & charitable giving:

MATE is a proud member of the 1% for the Planet. 

Partnering with BEAM Impact, MATE enables you to donate 1% of your purchase to your chosen non-profit at checkout. These include Fibershed, Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust, Surfrider Foundation, and Women’s Voices For The Earth.

4. Happy Earth

9 Organic Sweatpants That Are Cozy For Our Climate Images by Sustainable Jungle #organicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpants #organiccottonsweats #mensorganicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpantswomens #organiccozysweatpants #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Happy Earth

Price Range: $68

Developed by two scientists who wanted to unearth some of the mystery behind eco-friendly clothing, Happy Earth was born.

Happy Earth makes it their business to tackle a wide range of climate and clothing manufacturing issues while delivering long-lasting style. 

This Certified B Corp company knows the value behind their all-gender jogger, from ethically sourced cotton to the importance of the hands that collect and craft them. 

Happy Earth’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


All cozy sweats are purely GOTS-certified organic cotton, making these the best organic cotton sweatpants your tushy will tote.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Cozy up to the idea of fair trade and WRAP-certified factories in China where the organic cotton joggers are made.

They provide fair wages and prohibit forced labor and harassment.

Green business practices:

Happy Earth is certified Carbon Neutral and tracks carbon emissions thanks to CarbonFund.

Tackling bigger climate issues like supplying energy-efficient stoves to limit open burning, capturing methane released from mountain shifts, and supplying rural homes with biodigesters are other climate positive efforts. 

Upon checkout, HE prompts you to choose a charitable fund or program you’d like to donate to which tracks your environmental impact, like “remove 1lb of trash from natural areas” as an example. Then wear your pin with pride!


Offering only “all-gender” styles of organic sweatpants, men’s and women’s sizes alike range XS–XXXL.

Community & charitable giving:

A proud member of 1% of the Planet, HE donates 1% of profits to help the planet prosper.

5. tentree

9 Organic Sweatpants That Are Cozy For Our ClimateImages by tentree#organicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpants #organiccottonsweats #mensorganicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpantswomens #organiccozysweatpants #sustainablejungle
Images by tentree

About tentree

Price Range: $35–$88

For certified organic cotton sweatpants Canada winters won’t be able to penetrate, cozy up with Canadian-born tentree and their sustainability efforts that range from housewares to cozy organic cotton sweatpants.

We love their Pacific Jogger, it’s made of 100% organic cotton, and will walk you from the couch to the coffee shop without the harsh chemicals. 

In addition to men’s and women’s offerings, you’ll find organic cotton children’s sweatpants.

tentree’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Like their organic hoodies, tentree’s material list varies.

Some are 100% organic cotton or 100% TENCEL™ lyocell fabric, while those like the Bamone are made of 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester. 

Made from recycled water bottles, this recycled polyester provides comfort while cleaning up the planet, even if not organic.

Supply chain & labor practices:

A top ranking Certified B Corp for labor practices, tentree’s Code of Conduct specifies strict work conditions for all their suppliers. 

As seriously as they take the bigger workplace requirements—like no child labor, modern slavery, harassment, abuse or child trafficking—tentree demands all suppliers pay a fair living wage and commit to better human conditions. 

As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, all tentree factories in Turkey, India, China and Vietnam are BSCI, WRAP and SA8000 certified. 

Green business practices:

tentree’s Circularity (cirulari-tree?) program allows deal-loving divas to buy gently-used items, keeping them out of the landfill. 

After achieving the first two steps of their climate action plan (to measure and offset all emissions), they’re now working toward reducing them, already 30% of the way toward their goal.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, too, tentree offers subscription plans to purchase your own carbon offsets.


tentree offers women’s organic cotton sweatpants from XS-XL and men’s from S-XXL.

Community & charitable giving:

Carbon Neutral certified, tentree’s planted over 90M trees (ten trees per item), making their commitment to the planet a lot—a wood lot!

6. Allbirds

9 Organic Sweatpants That Are Cozy For Our ClimateImages by Allbirds#organicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpants #organiccottonsweats #mensorganicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpantswomens #organiccozysweatpants #sustainablejungle
Images by Allbirds

About Allbirds

Price Range: $98–$175

Allbirds is a sustainable clothing and ethical shoe brand that strives to deliver safe, healthy options to your closet while ensuring the sustainable materials and many hands that put the piece together are, too. 

Allbirds R&R Sweatpants made of organic cotton, hemp, and lyocell make for the best organic sweatpants sustainable style could ask for.

They’re available for men, too.

Allbirds’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Using a slew of earth-friendly options, the R&R sweatpant is made of 50% Peruvian pima cotton, 30% hemp fabric, and 20% TENCEL™ lyocell. 

While not organic, the Fluff Fleece Pant’s features 70% recycled polyester and 30% TENCEL™ lyocell in the body, and 60% ZQ Merino wool, 19% recycled nylon, with a smidge of lycra in the waist.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

With strict labor laws and a commitment to employee health, safety and freedom of choice to work, this Certified B Corp works only with suppliers who adhere to their strict Code of Conduct. 

All sweats are manufactured in Peru, but Allbirds assures these sweats aren’t from a sweatshop. 

Their suppliers and producers also participate in a social and environmental audit that must score a Green or Yellow rating in order to be considered. 

Green business practices:

Working toward a carbon net zero qualification, Allbirds aims to be open and transparent with their carbon emissions and not cut corners when it comes to tallying all emissions—including transportation, the use of a product, and its final resting place.

Last year, they saw a 12% emission reduction and are converting all manufacturing to 100% renewable energy by 2025.

This Carbon Neutral certified company focuses their carbon offsets on Air, Land and Energy sectors. The post purchase email asks you which area you’d like to see them invest in.


Find comfort in Allbirds’ XS-XXXL inclusive sizing.

Community & charitable giving:

After collecting gently used and returned shoes via ReRun, Allbirds gives them to Soles4Souls, who in turn donate them to those needing a step up in the shoe department.

7. Outerknown

9 Organic Sweatpants That Are Cozy For Our Climate Images by Sustainable Jungle #organicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpants #organiccottonsweats #mensorganicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpantswomens #organiccozysweatpants #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Outerknown

Price Range: $170–$213

The name Outerknown, a nod to the outer fringe of our knowledge today, encourages companies to strive to better understand all their practices and how they affect the planet. 

Their motto is, “It’s OK to go slow”—slow fashion, that is!

And what better embodies all things slow than sweatpants?

Whether you’re diving for women’s or men’s organic sweatpants (or their limited edition kids styles), or sustainable outdoor clothing, Outerknown’s responsible practices make for a comfy fit. 

Outerknown’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The brand’s organic cotton sweats mix and match recycled polyester and organic cotton in both regular cotton and velour options. 

If you think velour can’t be sustainable, their Ronan Velour Sweatpants contain their highest percentage of organic cotton at 88%.

Supply chain & labor practices:

With factories around the world, this Fair Labor Association (FLA) member knows the benefit of utilizing an area’s expertise for an item. 

GOTS-certified Bergman Rivera manages their supply chain for organic cotton from picking to stitching. 

With so many moving parts, OK requires all manufacturers and suppliers adhere to their strict Code of Conduct, many being Fair Trade certified. 

Green business practices:

Outerknown’s Outerworn programs allows for gently used items to find new homes and continue their sustainability surf. 

The entire premise of Outerknown is acknowledging there’s always more to learn and ways to improve, hence their Sustainability Roadmap that includes goals to reduce emissions and create fully circular products by the end of the decade. 

In partnership with Avery Dennison, all packaging is created with recycled, sustainable materials and printed with soy inks on dissolvable labels. 


As with all their sustainable men’s activewear, men’s sizes range S-XXL while organic sweatpants women’s sizes range XS-XL.

Community & charitable giving:

OK’s deep-rooted commitment to the ocean shimmers in partnering with the Ocean Conservancy, Brother Benno, The Ocean Cleanup, Surfrider Maui Chapter, and others who work tirelessly to tidy up the surf and shores.

8. Girlfriend Collective

9 Organic Sweatpants That Are Cozy For Our Climate Images by Sustainable Jungle #organicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpants #organiccottonsweats #mensorganicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpantswomens #organiccozysweatpants #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Girlfriend Collective

Price Range: $78

It’s only fitting for one of our favorite sustainable legging brands to offer something a little less fitted, too.

Collecting plastic bottles and diverting them from the landfill, Girlfriend Collective turns plastics into activewear, dresses, outerwear and, you guessed it—organic cozy sweatpants and sweatshirts to match.

Based in Seattle, they’ll have you sweating your best, lounging in leggings with a clean conscience (and, ocean).

Girlfriend Collective’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Sweatpants, track pants, organic joggers galore! 

GC’s sustainable materials—like recycled polyurethane plastics (rPET), Texloop™ RCOT™ Primo Recycled Cotton, or certified organically-grown natural cotton—are good for you and the environment. 

Select styles use spandex (below 10%) for an extra-stretchy feel. 

Their non-toxic dyes hold OEKO-TEX certification.

Supply chain & labor practices:

GC’s main production factory is located in Vietnam. They’ve achieved SA8000 certification and that’s only the beginning. They push forward by providing free healthcare to all of their factory employees. 

Green business practices:

This company takes the guesswork out of safe washing practices by offering the microfiber filter to ensure their sustainable activewear doesn’t inadvertently add plastic back into the ocean. 

The ReGirlfriend recycling program works as most circulatory systems do, by continuing the journey of an item you’re no longer reaching for. Reach for your next pair with their $15 credit.


Sizes include XXS–6XL, making this the sustainable plus size clothing brand with the widest range in this list.

Community & charitable giving:

A revolving door of donations and partnerships with local charities, GC’s donations to the Loveland Foundation, Reclaim the Block, and The Okra Project are among many others.

9. Kotn

9 Organic Sweatpants That Are Cozy For Our Climate Images by Kotn #organicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpants #organiccottonsweats #mensorganicsweatpants #organiccottonsweatpantswomens #organiccozysweatpants #sustainablejungle
Images by Kotn

About Kotn

Price Range: $80

With humble beginnings, Kotn’s dream was to create the perfect t-shirt that didn’t compromise on safe, natural, and sustainable fabrics 

In the Nile Delta, one of Kotn’s founders found himself in a community of his Egyptian roots, and they knew cotton. 

From there, their cotton-picking dreams evolved into a well-known Certified B Corp offering much more than a tee.

Knitwear, socks, dresses, loungewear, and all cotton sweatpants—in joggers, straight, and wide leg styles—remind us comfort and climate-care should be one leg of each pant. 

Kotn’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


No matter which style you choose, Kotn’s sweats are made of 100% BCI cotton fleece with a heavily brushed interior. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Proudly securing them the Best For the World title several years running with their B Corp Impact score, Kotn routinely hosts third-party evaluations and employee interviews to make sure the metaphorical wool is not pulled over their eyes. 

Floating across the Mediterranean Sea from their Egyptian cotton farms, sweats are made in Portugal. 

Green business practices:

Hand sourced, Egyptian Giza cotton is grown exclusively in the region Rami visited in Egypt. 

This cotton is grown, harvested, and produced in the region, which cuts down the cotton farm’s emissions impact. 


In Kotn’s organic cotton sweatpants, women’s and men’s sizes run XXS to XXL.

Community & charitable giving:

The ABCs Project is Kotn’s commitment to creating sustainable communities. In partnership with a local NGO, Kotn donates a portion of proceeds to help erect schools in the Nile Delta and Faiyum.

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How We Found The Best Organic Sweatpants

Don’t snooze on the climate while cozying up on the couch. Whether you’re watching reruns of your favorite zero waste documentary series, soft, safe, and snuggy is what you want.

From organic cotton joggers, to ultra-breathable track pants and every comfy option in between, we love to see a brand putting in the leg-work to continuously improve their product and the impact it has on the planet. 

To determine if they are, we use our sustainable and ethical fashion criteria:


We like to cover our butts by choosing brands that cover yours in organic, sustainable materials, not those that pollute the planet, irritate your skin, and cause health issues. 

We love a variety of sustainable fabrics, but when it comes to the best material for sweatpants, GOTS-certified organic cotton and hemp dyed with natural dyes are the best we found.

If they can’t make up the entirety of the pant, we stretch into other fabrics, likeTENCEL™ lyocell or recycled fabrics (if we opt for synthetic clothing at all).

Supply chain and labor practices:

Many of the brands here have an open-book policy when it comes to sharing the behind the scenes with their customers. 

Proving their high-standards and employee care, Codes of Conducts and third-party audits help us rest easy in our sweats knowing others didn’t suffer to supply them. 

Green business practices:

Whether it consists of carbon offset programs, localized manufacturing, water treatment steps to reduce usage and recycle by-products in the water, or supporting regenerative agriculture, we love to see these brands sweating it!


Comfort isn’t for one-size only. Sustainably produced sweats should come with size inclusivity and accommodate everyone in the longest movie marathons!

Community & charitable giving:

Donating time, resources, materials and passion to our people or the planet make these organic cotton sweatpants brands a shoe (or leg) in.

Final Thoughts On Organic Sweats

Organic cotton leggings are essential, but sometimes, you just need to relax in something more, well, relaxed.

If you’re couch-surfing the web for the latest and greatest in at-home comfort, remember the option with zero impact is the one in your closet. Slide on over to these online thrift stores if you need snuggly new-to-you sweatpants. 

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? 

Rest assured these makers of men’s and women’s organic cotton sweatpants can’t be beat. 

Share the sustainable blanket, a coffee, and this list with your sweatsuit girl (or guy) gang!

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