7 Organic Cotton Bralette Brands to Uplift Your Chest & The Environment Images by Sustainable Jungle #organiccottonbralette #organiccottonbralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralettes #organicbralettes #sustainablebralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralette #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
7 Organic Cotton Bralette Brands to Uplift Your Chest & The Environment Images by Sustainable Jungle #organiccottonbralette #organiccottonbralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralettes #organicbralettes #sustainablebralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralette #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

7 Organic Cotton Bralette Brands to Uplift Your Chest & The Environment

Molly Willows

There’s reason to cele-BRA-te!

Organic cotton bralettes are here to support not only your girls but also the Earth.

Somewhere between a bra and a tank top, bralettes are a favorite undergarment thanks to their absence of fussy (and non-recyclable) wire or metal clasps, making them an item of comfort and love. 

And let’s get something off our chest: like our planet’s landfill crisis, we have big cups to fill when it comes to a conscious commitment to buying organic clothing brands.

That’s why we’ve lifted the best organic cotton bralettes that will hug your curves without hugging toxic chemicals, landfills, or unjust workers’ conditions.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The Best Cotton Bralettes For A Low-Impact Lift

We’re bosom buddies with Subset comfortable bralettes, made in a Fair Trade-certified factory and made of mostly organic cotton. 

Your rack will thank you for choosing WAMA off the racks, thanks to their sumptuous blended organic hemp and cotton triangle bralettes.

Nip(ple) down to the bottom of this article to learn about how we uncovered the best supportive bralettes out there today. 

The Full List Of Organic Bralettes

1. Subset

7 Organic Cotton Bralette Brands to Uplift Your Chest & The Environment Images by Sustainable Jungle #organiccottonbralette #organiccottonbralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralettes #organicbralettes #sustainablebralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralette #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Subset

Price Range: $48 

Your knickers will never be in a twist with a flattering organic cotton bralette by NYC-based Subset

The popular sustainable bra brand sells the Triangle, Keyhole, Scoop, and Tank, all wireless organic cotton bralettes in eight different colors. 

These elevated basics are versatile and The Keyhole style, for example, can be worn as a yoga top or bra top for a cheeky night out. 

We’ve tested this particular Subset bralette, and not only is it one of the most comfortable cotton bras we’ve tried, but it provides surprisingly excellent lift and support sans underwire and padding.

Subset’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices 


95% GOTS-certified organic cotton and 5% elastane. The band is 69% TENCEL™, 19% polyester, and 12% spandex. 

Adjustable straps are 83% recycled nylon and 17% elastane, while the hook-and-eye closures for the Keyhole and Triangle bralettes are 92% recycled nylon with 8% elastane. 

Fabric is dyed with OEKO-TEX sustainable dyes.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Our girls may need to be covered, but our supply chains should never be. 

That’s why Subset uses Fair Trade factories in India, where workers have living wages and healthy working conditions. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

If you’re wondering what to do with old underwear and bras, Subset’s recycling program for all bras turns them into things like furniture filling and insulation. 


With inclusive models and sizing for any shape, Subset’s XXS-XXXL range includes plus size organic cotton bralettes.

2. Pact

7 Organic Cotton Bralette Brands to Uplift Your Chest & The Environment Images by Sustainable Jungle #organiccottonbralette #organiccottonbralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralettes #organicbralettes #sustainablebralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralette #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Pact

Price Range: $15–$75

This sustainable underwear brand has made a pact to do better for the Earth, and that’s why we love Pact’s bralettes made of GOTS-certified cotton.

We’d call them some of the best supportive bralettes all without any fussy underwires or padding.

Our favorite is the Everyday Classic T-Shirt Bra, which also works well as a thin organic cotton tank bralette.

Pact’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices 


Like most of their sustainable basics, each Pact bralette features 95% GOTS-certified organic cotton with minimal elastane.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Pact’s ethical production happens in India, where their organic cotton is grown, processed, and sewn in (almost) exclusively Fair Trade-certified factories. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Through their partnership with SimpliZero, Pact is Net Zero Carbon, and replaced any plastic packaging with recyclable paper Vela bags.


Pact wants us to all to make a pact to love ourselves, which is why they began the online campaign #justwearyou. 

Sizes range XS-XXL.

Community & charitable giving:

With the box your purchase comes in, you can donate any gently used clothing through Pact’s Give Back. Wear Forward program, which they pass on to those in need.

3. MATE the Label

7 Organic Cotton Bralette Brands to Uplift Your Chest & The EnvironmentImages by MATE the Label#organiccottonbralette #organiccottonbralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralettes #organicbralettes #sustainablebralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralette #sustainablejungle
Images by MATE the Label

About MATE the Label

Price Range: $38–$42

MATE the Label is one of our favorite affordable sustainable clothing brands that won’t break the bank (or planet).

You’ve found a mate for life with their Organic Comfort Scoop Bralette. Available in neutral tones of bone, espresso, jet black, and sand, this luxe affordable bralette is the next best thing to being naked. 

Perfect for a midday yoga session, wearing under your workwear, or a Sunday relax at home—in which case you’ll also love their cozy sustainable loungewear.

MATE the Label’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices 


MATE’s bralette is double layered with 92% certified organic cotton fabric from India. 

8% spandex is added for comfort, shape, and support while remaining breathable. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

“Clean from seed to skin,” is what MATE dubs their ethical supply chain and labor practices. 

All of LA-based MATE’s goods are produced at fair trade factories in the City of Angels within a 15-minute drive of their HQ. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Hyper-local LA supply chain aside, MATE reduces supply chain impact by bringing organic cotton from India via freight ship.

Their offices are zero waste and they recently joined the California Cotton & Climate Coalition, promoting regenerative agriculture.

They’re increasingly circular thanks to their reMATE program to repurpose unwanted MATE products.


Female founded and operated, MATE sizes run XS–3XS. 

Community & charitable giving:

Through 1% for the Planet, MATE donates to numerous nonprofits, which customers can select from to support at checkout. 

They also partner with female-founded social impact tech company Beam to see where donations can make the biggest impact, which have included Surfrider Foundation, Fibershed, and Women’s Voices For The Earth.

4. JulieMay

7 Organic Cotton Bralette Brands to Uplift Your Chest & The Environment Images by JulieMay #organiccottonbralette #organiccottonbralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralettes #organicbralettes #sustainablebralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralette #sustainablejungle
Images by JulieMay

About JulieMay

Price Range: $60–$90

If an organic cotton lace bralette is the kind of sumptuous support your ta-tas are after, JulieMay’s luxurious and award-winning sustainable bralettes are made of organic Pima cotton and 100% pure organic silk. 

They have three bralettes in their extensive range of ethical lingerie: the Passion, the Hope, and our very favorite, the Serenity, which is a wireless, non-padded organic cotton bralette made of silk and organic cotton. 

Verified buyer reviews of this brand are 100% in support of their luxe lace bralettes with support.

JulieMay’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices 


All eco-friendly bralettes have soft and durable organic Pima cotton blended with hypoallergenic, antibacterial organic silk, along with a 100% organic silk inner layer that sits on the skin.

All trims, lace, and threads are made from organic cotton. 

They’re scientifically proven to be hypoallergenic and certified via Allergy UK down to the details. Zero latex, synthetics, plastic hooks, stitched labels, or harsh chemicals here, ladies.  

Supply chain & labor practices:

JulieMay handcrafts their whole range at their production site which is certified by ISO 9000, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001, ensuring fair wages, workplace health and safety, energy and water efficiency among other positive eco-credits. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

JulieMay’s process is as non-toxic as it gets, with zero harsh chemicals and minimal water use.

The brand features recycled paper product packaging and supports carbon offsetting through Greenspark


With custom sizes to order and a 30+ size variety, JulieMay is designed about as size-friendly as it gets. 32B to 40G for bras and 8-18(UK) for panties and bralettes.

5. Rawganique

7 Organic Cotton Bralette Brands to Uplift Your Chest & The Environment Images by Rawganique #organiccottonbralette #organiccottonbralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralettes #organicbralettes #sustainablebralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralette #sustainablejungle
Images by Rawganique

About Rawganique

Price Range: $38–$75

For 20+ years, off-grid island homestead brand Rawganique has kept their ethical clothing as raw as humanly possible: natural fiber items from seed to shelf for a toxin-free lifestyle. 

Their selection of bra tops and organic cotton wireless bralettes is extensive, all made from safe and breathable organic hemp, linen, or cotton. 

Need an organic cotton wide strap yoga bralette?

Try the flattering cut that’s Organic Cotton Jen’s Bra Top

Most are unpadded, but some feature removable modesty insert pads, which can also be swapped with nursing pads.

Rawganique’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices 


Bralette styles are mostly organic cotton, ranging from 87% to 100% organic cotton bralettes. The remaining fabric blend is spandex or lycra for extra give. 

Biodegradable elastic is crafted from all-natural rubber.

They come in simple colors, including 100% organic cotton white bralettes for those who want to ditch dyes—though theirs are all natural.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Garments are ethically handcrafted in small batches in Canada, India, Peru, Europe, or the USA in small, “sweat-shop-free” workshops.

All organic cotton is grown in the USA or Europe. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

“Raw” and “organic” have been in this brand’s name for more than two-plus decades for good reason. 

They use only organic fibers in the most raw state possible, so everything is free from toxic industrial chemicals, GMOs, pesticide, dioxin, formaldehyde, caustic acids, fire retardants, PVC, BPA, and wrinkle-proofing chemicals.

Leftover textile scraps are turned into drawstring mailers.

A true example of low waste living, they’ve organically homesteaded on 45 acres of Denman Island, Canada for 20+ years. 


Women’s natural bralettes run S–XL.

6. Boody

7 Organic Cotton Bralette Brands to Uplift Your Chest & The Environment Images by Boody #organiccottonbralette #organiccottonbralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralettes #organicbralettes #sustainablebralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralette #sustainablejungle
Images by Boody

About Boody

Price Range: $20–$54

Boody keeps your boobies organically befitted, thanks to their organic bamboo bralettes. 

With a ton of different styles available—including some organic cotton bralette packs—we recommend the Shaper for its sleek, versatile nature for both casual and active use.

Pick your favorite neutral color (or three) and pair with their organic underwear for full comfy coverage.

Boody’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Organically-grown bamboo fabric from responsibly managed forests is the mainstay of Boody’s materials.

It’s produced with non-toxic solvents and a closed-loop manufacturing process to repurpose all water and solvents. It’s Ecocert, OEKO-TEX, FSC, and ISO 9001 certified, plus PETA-approved vegan. 

Some organic bralettes also feature LYOLYTE, their latest bamboo lyocell fabric, or organic cotton. 

All materials have some blend with nylon and spandex for comfort and stretch.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Along with FSC-certified Chinese forests, Boody is ISO 14001-compliant and WRAP certified for manufacturing. 

As a Certified B Corp, the brand also supports its bamboo harvesters with fair wages and makes public their Code of Conduct

Carbon commitments & green practices:

All products feature an impact report that includes water saved and emissions prevented, and Boody uses SGS testing to indicate final products are non-toxic and free of azo dyes, heavy metals, or formaldehyde.

Recycled paper boxes and veggie dyes are used for packaging. 


Their size range runs XS-XL, or fitting up to 38D or 40C.

According to Boody, the LYOLYTE® collection tends to run small, so they recommend sizing up in those.

Community & charitable giving:

Boody cares about a boody-ful world, which is why they give back through 1% for the Planet and support numerous causes including family shelters, domestic violence support, cancer recovery, malaria research, and clothing donations for the less fortunate.  


7 Organic Cotton Bralette Brands to Uplift Your Chest & The Environment Images by WAMA #organiccottonbralette #organiccottonbralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralettes #organicbralettes #sustainablebralettes #wirelessorganiccottonbralette #sustainablejungle
Images by WAMA

About WAMA

Price Range: $44

WAMA protects our precious pair and the planet thanks to their hemp-based organic bralettes.

If the world’s most comfortable organic cotton triangle bralette is what you’re after, WAMA’s is even better, featuring a blend of hemp and organic cotton, sold with normal straps or a racerback in a rainbow of colorways. 

For those who are unfamiliar with how groovy hemp fabric is, it’s naturally anti-bacterial, incredibly durable, comfortable, and breathable (i.e. ideal for up and down there). 

WAMA’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices 


A member of the National Hemp Association, WAMA’s signature fabric blend is 53% hemp, 44% GOTS-certified organic cotton, and just 3% spandex.

While their hemp affordable bralettes isn’t certified, you can be sure theirs is chemical-free.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Hemp is sourced exclusively from a family farm in China, which is also where their BSCI-certified factory is located, which abides by their supplier code of conduct.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

WAMA is Green America Certified and uses 100% recycled, recyclable, or compostable shipping materials.


Women’s sizes are sold XS–4XL, making WAMA a wowza plus size organic cotton bralette option. 

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How We Chose The Best Organic Cotton Bralette

Like our sustainable and ethical fashion guide says, it’s as important what’s inside your garment as what’s outside. 

Conventional bras and bralettes tend to be filled with virgin plastics and various toxins, even leaching BPA into the skin through friction and heat. 

Not to mention how many polyester bra pads end up as methane gas emissions instead of your beloved shoulder boulder holders. 

Here’s how we assessed the best supportive bralettes.


Our patooties say no to pesticides and plastic, opting instead for skivvies made purely with organic cotton, hemp, and sustainable bamboo.

Not only are the best bralettes organic in fabric, but dyed as such, too.

Supply chain and labor practices:

We prefer to keep abreast with brands that support their workers across the entire supply chain as much as they support our cha-chas. 

We want transparent labor practices like detailed reports of factories, third-party certifications, regular audits, proof of fair pay, zero child labor, and the assurance of safe and just working conditions.

Carbon commitments & green business practices:

Sustainable bralette brands are additionally cleaning up a notoriously dirty industry through green practices like closed-loop processes, zero waste facilities, handcrafting instead of machinery, carbon offset programs, regnerative organic cotton farming, and recyclable/compostable packaging.


We mainly go for two things here: inclusivity through size options and accessibility via affordability. 

Community & charitable giving: 

We love when our organic bralettes are uplifting our chests and our communities. 

Whether through donations to charities or a company fund supporting social and environmental projects, brands that show a new bra means so much more get our A(cup) review. 

Final Thoughts On Sustainable Bralettes

When it comes to the planet and your girls, organic cotton bralettes are the next best thing to being naked. (#freethenipple forever, right?).

Not only do they feel better for our bodies, but they feel better for our conscience too, knowing they won’t slowly sag in a landfill for hundreds of years.

The bare basics are that most bralettes bought are still made of chemical-laced plastic (AKA synthetic fabrics) and we’d prefer Earth’s most sustainable materials to support her and our hooters. 

Boost us up by sharing this article with your bralette-loving buds and help spread the word on the best organic cotton bralette brands for sustainable support. 

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