9 Eco-Zy Sustainable Sweaters & Conscious Cardigans Image by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablesweaters #sustainablesweaterbrands #bestsustainablecardigans #ethicalsweaters #ethicalcardigans #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
9 Eco-Zy Sustainable Sweaters & Conscious Cardigans Image by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablesweaters #sustainablesweaterbrands #bestsustainablecardigans #ethicalsweaters #ethicalcardigans #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

9 Eco-Zy Sustainable Sweaters & Conscious Cardigans

Hailey Carrillo

What’s the best part of these chilly, blustery days?

We get to wear our soft, snuggly knits, of course—oh and the hot chocolate, too! 

Nothing feels better than wrapping up in eco-conscious and cozy sustainable sweaters.

Think: slow fashion meets sweater weather. 

Knitting quality materials with ethical practices, these sustainable cardigan companies help us warm our hearts and bodies. 

If you’re already shivering for something sustainable that won’t keep fueling the fires of the fast fashion industry, here are a few eco sweaters to pad out your winter wardrobe.

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The Best Ethical Sweaters & Cardigans We’d Love To Snuggle Up In

Wrap up in recycled polyester and organic cotton—and ten freshly planted trees—with tentree

Keep cozy in that cold Canadian climate with ethical wool sweaters from Frank And Oak. 

Whatever your values, you can lounge around with men’s sustainable sweaters made from vegan fabrics or ethically sourced wool from Taylor Stitch.

Roll your turtleneck down to the end of the article to see how we wrap it up with our eco-friendly sweater brands.

The Full List Of Sustainable Sweater Brands

1. Frank And Oak

9 Eco-Zy Sustainable Sweaters & Conscious Cardigans Images by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablesweaters #sustainablesweaterbrands #bestsustainablecardigans #ethicalsweaters #ethicalcardigans #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Frank And Oak

Price Range: $100–$149

Frankly speaking, Frank and Oak has some of the most affordable sustainable sweaters in the lot. 

Their ethically-made sweaters boast a range of necklines like turtlenecks, Johnny Collars, crewnecks and more—all in lovely earthy shades of evergreens, amber browns, burnt siennas, and orchids.

Fall favorite colors and simple styles make them staples for our Autumn minimalist wardrobe

A personal favorite in our wardrobe is the Ara Seacell™ Sweater

Made of innovative seaweed fabric blended with organic cotton, it’s not only sea-riously sustainable, but just as silky smooth and comfortable as sustainable cashmere sweaters—but without the ethical questions.

Frank and Oak’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Their men’s and women’s sustainable sweaters are made from recycled fabrics like cotton and nylon are used, as well as cruelty-free wool, hemp, Kampok, and viscose. 

The most notable of their sustainable materials is SeaCell™. The biodegradable and anti-microbial fiber comes from cellulose and seaweed, making it the ideal material for eco-friendly vegan sweaters.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Sustainable clothes need sustainable foundations”, which is why each of their Canada-based supply chain partners have signed a Code of Conduct that guarantees workers are protected from unsafe working conditions, discrimination, low wages, and forced labor. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Carbon neutrality is the heart of Frank And Oak.

Deliveries to major Canadian cities are sent out by Electric Vehicles, and offset when those aren’t available. 

Their stores, offices, and shipping materials are crafted using recycled materials and minimal waste. Thrifted furniture for the former, recycled paper mailers and compostable polybags for the latter.


Their sustainable fashion cardigans and sweaters are available in XXS–XL for women and XS– XXL for men.

Community & charitable giving:

The Certified B Corp regularly partners with local communities on projects that support great causes. 

An organic cotton t-shirt line designed by local artists, IPA beer supporting biodiversity loss, and a sponsored interactive art exhibit are a few of their highlights.

2. Toad&Co

9 Eco-Zy Sustainable Sweaters & Conscious Cardigans Images by Sustainable Jungle and Toad&Co #sustainablesweaters #sustainablesweaterbrands #bestsustainablecardigans #ethicalsweaters #ethicalcardigans #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle and Toad&Co

About Toad&Co

Price Range: $98–$239

Toad & Co’s cute sustainable sweaters are toad-ally worth the hype.

They’ve got no shortage of funky colors, prints, and styles in the creek for men and women alike—from the taffy colored Dolman sweaters for Barbie toad to the Butte Crew Sweater for grandpa toad.

Jokes aside, we own the Butte Crew and love how its recycled fiber construction is comfortable, super durable, and stylish—a trifecta that certainly earns it a place in any cold-weather minimalist wardrobe for men.

While the women’s range is much more varied than the men’s eco-friendly sweaters, both sections have us jumping with joy, hopping with happiness, and leaping with love. 


Low-impact growing and clean manufacturing are two topics the sustainable sweater brand prioritizes. 

Among their fibers you’ll find fabrics that utilize both, like organic cotton, hemp fabric, TENCEL™, Lenzing modal, and recycled fabrics.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

As co-founders of the Planet Access Company, the Toad & Co. warehouse trains and employs up to 70 adults with disabilities. 

For their other manufacturers (who’s facilities they visit every year), a commitment to human rights and environmentally conscious practices are non-negotiable. 

Most of them have set amazing sustainability goals, like their partners in Turkey who have recently converted almost their entire factory to solar and wind energy. 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

At their Santa Barbara based headquarters, all lights are converted to LEDs and a composting program is in place.

Every part of their packaging and shipping has been considered with recycled card-stock hang tags, FCS print materials, and redesigned poly bags that double as zero waste dog poo bags.

In efforts to support circularity, they’ve developed a Toad Again resale platform and vintage finds lines.


Sustainable women’s sweaters and cardigans range from XS–XL and men’s range from S–XXL.

Community & charitable giving: 

Members of 1% For The Planet, they partner with organizations supporting environmental conservation and social welfare. 

Not only do they partner with organizations as a whole, but they also contribute to specific fundraisers. You can read all about their current projects on their partners page

3. Outerknown

9 Eco-Zy Sustainable Sweaters & Conscious Cardigans Images by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablesweaters #sustainablesweaterbrands #bestsustainablecardigans #ethicalsweaters #ethicalcardigans #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Outerknown

Price Range: $118–$388

Founded by World Surf League champion Kelly Slater and designer John Moore, Outerknown is one of the top ethical menswear brands on the market.

Their men’s sustainable sweaters and knitwear do not disappoint. While their designs are largely limited to classic crew cuts and hoodies, you can choose between several different materials.

If sustainable men’s wool sweaters are your winter jam, don’t miss the versatile Shelter Waffle Henley. Made of a 70/30 blend of wool and recycled cashmere, it’s probably the softest thing we currently own and is perfect for both snuggling in and going out and braving the elements.

Women’s styles are more varied, including fair trade and cruelty-free cashmere sweaters, ponchos, turtlenecks, cardigans, and boxy flare bottom sweaters. 

Pair them with your favorite sustainable sweatpants or ethical jeans for a winter-ready wardrobe. 

Outerknown’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Organic cotton is the superstar fabric, often dyed with a closed-loop GiDelave™ diffusion process that uses 98% less water and less energy than traditional dying.

All sustainable cashmere sweaters are recycled, which joins their other recycled materials like polyester, wool, and cotton.

All fabrics are made with minimal or no chemicals, which earns them bluesign® approval.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Outerknown garments are made in Peru, Mexico, and China in Fair Trade USA-certified factories—for those seeking American-made women’s clothing.

Their suppliers agree to Fair Labor Association (FLA) standards by signing Outerknown’s Code of Conduct.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Using eco-friendly fabrics like recycled cashmere means that each warm sustainable cardigan will keep our planet cool by being associated with 96% CO2 savings and 82% energy savings.

They’re steadily implementing more circularity-embracing resale, repair, and recycling programs. You can currently buy and sell pre-owned Outerknown garments through Outerworn


Men’s organic clothing runs S–XXL, and women’s from XS–XL.

Community & charitable giving:

Regular product collaborations see profits donated to Ocean Conservancy and other nonprofits aiding the heart of this brand: the sea.

4. Taylor Stitch

9 Eco-Zy Sustainable Sweaters & Conscious Cardigans Images by Taylor Stitch #sustainablesweaters #sustainablesweaterbrands #bestsustainablecardigans #ethicalsweaters #ethicalcardigans #sustainablejungle
Images by Taylor Stitch

About Taylor Stitch

Price Range: $98–$238

When it comes to sustainable sweaters for men, we wouldn’t give Taylor Stitch the cold shoulder (because they are too busy keeping them warm.)

With sustainable shoes and accessories, the brand focuses exclusively on menswear. Though we’re ones to argue that all sustainable sweaters are unisex.

Their most popular styles utilize ribbed, jersey, and seed stitches finished with half-zip, quarter-zip, button-down, and collared necklines. 

Taylor Stitch’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices: 


From sustainable wool sweaters made of merino wool, yak wool (one of the best types of ethical wool), or recycled cashmere to vegan options made of BCI cotton, we are sew in olive with their ethical fabrics for sweaters. 

Though animal byproduct fabrics are used, they opt for more ethical practices like byproduct-sourced leathers, non-mulesed wool, and recycled down insulation. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Criteria for their buildings include fair wages, labor oversight, strict quality control, and a shared commitment for protecting the environment. 

Via crowdfunding, they have been able to eliminate waste from their supply chain. Excess fabric not utilized in the program is donated to educational and community organizations. 

Carbon commitments & green business practices: 

Both shipping and trans-Pacific freight transportation are carbon offset with credits supporting Amazon rainforest conservation. 

To extend the life cycle of their garments, they offer free in-store repairs for minor damages and a Restitch program that allows customers to exchange pre-loved pieces for store credit. 


Their sustainable men’s sweaters range from XS–XXL.

Community & charitable giving: 

Between giveaways, partnerships, and donations, organizations they have supported include the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife, Campaign Zero, and Waves 4 Water.

5. Pact

9 Eco-Zy Sustainable Sweaters & Conscious Cardigans Images by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablesweaters #sustainablesweaterbrands #bestsustainablecardigans #ethicalsweaters #ethicalcardigans #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Pact

Price Range: $94–$149

Pact is one of our favorite brands for sustainable basics like ethical underwear.

And nothing says basic more than sustainable cotton sweaters that can double as layering tools for any occasion (besides perhaps a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte with your name on it.) 

Knit and lightweight sweaters, zip organic hoodies, crew-neck pullovers, and long lounge cardigans make up their selection of ethically made sweaters for men, women, and kids.

While the sustainable chunky cardigan we own from Pact is no longer an available style, it’s still one of our all-time favorite layering wardrobe pieces for just about any occasion.

Though we’d be lying if we said we weren’t eyeing the similar Fisherman Knit Button-Front Cardigan to have something in a slightly longer style.

Pact’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices 


Each Pact cardigan and sweater is made with 100% Fair Trade and made with GOTS-certified organic cotton. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Because 74% of Pact’s organic cotton comes from India, its ethical production via Fair Trade certified factories is located there as well.

Not only are fair wages provided, but these artisan communities have benefited from more than $1 million in Fair Trade premiums (development funds that can support educational, health, and infrastructure projects). 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Pact uses water and energy-saving production methods and takes steps to minimize fabric waste. 

They’re a Carbon Neutral Certified company—and the recyclable paper bags they ship garments in are, too. 


Men’s sizes are S–XL with XS–XL sizes for women.

Community & charitable giving: 

Make room for your new knits by donating them to Pact’s Give Back. Wear Forward program in the box your order arrives in. 

6. tentree

9 Eco-Zy Sustainable Sweaters & Conscious Cardigans Images by tentree #sustainablesweaters #sustainablesweaterbrands #bestsustainablecardigans #ethicalsweaters #ethicalcardigans #sustainablejungle
Images by tentree

About tentree

Price Range: $68–$118

Certified B Corp and Canadian brand tentree creates stylish organic clothing

This includes a huge selection of sustainable men’s clothing, kid’s clothing, and women’s clothing—including affordable fair trade sweaters for all three.

Each of these sustainable cardigans, cable crews, rib sweaters, turtlenecks, and more are consciously cozy.

tentree’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Their eco-friendly vegan sweaters are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton (many of them 100%) and REPREVE® recycled polyester. 

Other recycled materials are used too, including nylon and wool (obviously, not vegan.) Some virgin wool may be used, too, but its RWS certification ensures you’re getting an ethical as well as sustainable wool cardigan.

Small amounts (~2%) of elastane are incorporated into some of the affordable sustainable cardigans. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

tentree requires all suppliers and partners to sign their code of conduct. As per their Certified B Corp status, it has high standards.

All factories bear one or more certifications by WRAP, BSCI, SA8000, Fair Trade USA, and/or Fair Wear Foundation.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

tentree is Climate Neutral Certified and a member of The Responsible Packaging Movement.

This year, they aim to refuse all single-use plastics and in the process of switching to recycled paper mailers.

In addition to other sustainable practices like strategic shipping, they’ve also launched Circularity by tentree. The platform resells and repurposes gently-used and worn-out tentree garments.


Men’s sizes S–XXL and women’s XS–XL.

Community & charitable giving:

tentree plants 10 fully traceable trees for every purchase. 

So far, they’ve planted more than 89,265,000 trees in areas of damaged biodiversity across Madagascar, Indonesia, Senegal, Nepal, Canada, Mexico, Peru, and Haiti.


9 Eco-Zy Sustainable Sweaters & Conscious CardigansImages by Sustainable Jungle & ABLE#sustainablesweaters #sustainablesweaterbrands #bestsustainablecardigans #ethicalsweaters #ethicalcardigans #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle & ABLE

About ABLE

Price Range: $85–$168

Fairness is fashion ABLE—and this sustainable sweater brand thinks so, too. 

This top-notch ethical clothing brand knitting together livelihood opportunities and women’s empowerment to help break cycles of generational poverty, which makes their women’s ethical and fair trade sweaters feel even cozier. 

Choose between organic sustainable cardigans, tunics, pullovers, luxuriously slouchy sweaters—like the “touchably textured” Alexis Boucle Sweater— to go along with their dresses, footwear, and denim jackets.

ABLE’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Many of the eco-friendly women’s sweaters are made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. 

Others utilize viscose fabric or a blend of BCI cotton and recycled fabrics, namely polyester and nylon. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

ABLE’s gorgeous ethically knit sweaters are handcrafted in India or made in China, by women artisans who are empowered by commitments to safety, equality, benefits, and fair wages. 

The brand is a part of the Lowest Wage Challenge, a transparency initiative addressing the fact that only 2% of all fashion industry workers earn living wages. 

ABLE specifically employs and trains women, who ultimately receive ownership in the company, as well as healthcare options, maternity coverage, adoption assistance, and a flexible work schedule. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

ABLE works with some of its manufacturing partners to reduce hazardous chemical use and minimize water consumption.

They’re switching to 100% recyclable packaging and garment bags and back everything with a Lifetime Guarantee.


The 96% woman-run company offers plus size fair trade sweaters from XXS–3X.

Community & charitable giving: 

ABLE provides internship opportunities in graphic design, marketing, and more. 

8. Reformation

9 Eco-Zy Sustainable Sweaters & Conscious Cardigans Images by Reformation #sustainablesweaters #sustainablesweaterbrands #bestsustainablecardigans #ethicalsweaters #ethicalcardigans #sustainablejungle
Images by Reformation

About Reformation

Price Range: $93–$535

From basic bundle-up layers to more luxurious fair trade certified alpaca sweaters, refer to Reformation, whose cute sustainable sweaters for women are versatile enough for at-home comfort or on-the-town class.

Choose between cropped turtlenecks, wrap cardigans, sweater vests, sweater dresses, off-the-shoulder shrugs, and some sexy sweaters that show a little skin.

Then bundle up in one of the brand’s sustainable coats for winter-walk ready attire. 

Reformation’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Reformation’s eco-friendly materials include cashmere, alpaca wool, responsibly sourced yak wool, TENCEL™ lyocell fabric, and certified organic cotton.

To make their cashmere sweaters ethical, styles like the utterly elegant Garrett Cashmere Cropped Turtleneck utilize 90% recycled cashmere blended with just 10% virgin cashmere.

They also use NATIVA™, a traceable, CO2-capturing, regenerative merino wool sourced from Argentina, Uruguay, New Zealand, Australia, the USA, and South Africa. 

Their dying process has OEKO-TEX certification, ensuring garments are free of hazardous substances on Reformation’s Restricted Substance List. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Some of the sustainable women’s cardigans are made in China, but most manufacturing happens at Reformation’s own Los Angeles factories. 

Factories are regularly audited for labor practices and are held to Reformation’s Code of Conduct based on Fair Labor Association (FLA) standards—meaning these are certified fair trade sweaters women can buy with a clean and cozy conscience.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Sustainable practices used by this fast fashion alternative include renewable energy, e-commerce marketing (which saves 30% energy), Green Business-certified office buildings, compostable bags, and eco office supplies (like recycled tire pens). 

They’ve been carbon-neutral for nearly a decade and are aiming to be carbon positive by 2025. 


75% of Reformation’s management team are women or people from underrepresented groups. 

The women’s ethical fashion sweaters come in sizes XS-XL. 

Community & charitable giving: 

Reformation donates to rotating organizations like ACLU and Planned Parenthood, and they give staff four annual paid days off to volunteer. 

The Reformation Relief Fund provides short-term support to team members needing assistance. 

On staff birthdays, they plant trees through L.A.’s TreePeople.

9. Patagonia

9 Eco-Zy Sustainable Sweaters & Conscious Cardigans Images by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablesweaters #sustainablesweaterbrands #bestsustainablecardigans #ethicalsweaters #ethicalcardigans #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Patagonia 

Price Range: $139–$269

Patagonia is one of the most conscious companies around (and has been long before slow fashion was trendy). 

As a sustainable outdoor clothing brand, Patagonia’s sustainable and ethical sweaters are more than just comfortable; They’re designed for rough wear in harsh and cold environments.

Their men’s, women’s, and kids’ sweater tanks, sweater vests, quilted cotton pullovers, eco-friendly crewneck sweaters, and fleece snap necks are made with a variety of sustainable materials.

For example, the Men’s Better Sweater features 100% recycled polyester dyed in a low-impact process that substantially reduces the use of dyestuffs, energy, and water. 

Patagonia’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Sweaters feature either organic cotton or recycled fibers (usually recycled polyester, but sometimes recycled cotton, recycled wool, or recycled cashmere).

All fabrics are colored with sustainable dyes, including PVC-free and phthalate-free inks. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Patagonia has ranked highly on Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index for several years running. 

The Footprint Chronicles detail exactly where each item is made.

Their factories are mostly Fair Trade USA certified and subject to regular third-party and Patagonia executive staff audits.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Patagonia’s green business initiatives include (but aren’t limited to): recycling machinery and chemicals, use of regenerative agriculture (they even piloted its first certification!), and eco-shipping materials. 

In addition to some bluesign® approved garments, 100% of Patagonia’s cotton is organic and 87% of their garments contain recycled materials.

They also offer an impressive clothing buyback program, called the Worn Wear initiative—perfect for those seeking more affordable sustainable sweaters!


Patagonia offers XXS-XXL for most of their sweaters.

Community & charitable giving: 

Did you know 1% for the Planet was co-founded by Patagonia? 

They’ve donated over $140 million so far. 

As if that’s not enough, Patagonia’s founder, Yvon Chouinard made it so that company stock now either goes into improving Patagonia processes or to the Holdfast Collective, a nonprofit dedicated to combating climate change. 

And to help YOU get involved, the Patagonia Action Works tool lets you look up organizations and causes in your area.

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How We Chose The Best Sustainable Sweaters & Cardigans

As we did with these sustainable knitwear brands, to unravel our way to ethical and sustainable sweaters that thread lightly on our planet, we snuggled into our sustainable fashion criteria.


Sustainable fabrics for sweaters minimize a garment’s impact—from production to disposal.

Truly eco-friendly sweaters are biodegradable, meaning the natural materials can be composted (or recycled into new garments) rather than rot in a landfill at the end of life.

These include organic cotton, hemp, linen, yak wool, ethical cashmere, and wool—cruelty-free sourcing for the latter three is key.

Semi-synthetics like TENCEL™ lyocell and modal fabric are made from eucalyptus and beechwood pulp in an eco-friendly, closed-loop production system. 

If synthetic fabrics are used, recycled is the way to go. But because these still release microplastics with each washing, use a Guppyfriend‘s garment bags.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Not all brands are in a position to pay for manufacturing certifications, so we looked at their actual ethical production practices to see if they aligned with fair trade principles.

Even if a brand isn’t perfect, the most important thing is being open about fair wages, factory details, and how workers (in particular, women artisans) are supported. 

Other third-party certifications help ward against false transparency and greenwashing; though certifications may have a green hue of their own (even B Corp’s reliability should be questioned) so pair these with other transparent practices. 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

This includes funding carbon offset programs, using renewable energy, operating on green buildings, offering garment recycling programs, and using zero waste or plastic-free packaging.


We’re on a kick to find more inclusive and diverse brands, whether that be ethical plus-size clothing brands or non-binary brands.

We’d love to see more oversized fair trade sweaters, well, oversized, but we do love seeing an increased number of women-owned brands on the list.

Community & charitable giving:

We love brands that give back and have a global reach via donated profits, time, or products to good causes.

Final Thoughts On Ethical Cardigans & Sweaters

Feel better about the inevitable winter looming on the horizon?

Getting comfy and cozy is much easier when you’re not wearing something that turns up the heat for our planet.

Keep this list of brands knitting a better world in mind when the mercury begins to drop. But be sure to dig through that pile of old clothes in your closet first.

Then scour local or online thrift stores because this is where you’ll find the most ethical eco-friendly winter sweaters (and sustainable beanies, for that matter).

No sweat if you don’t need a conscious cardigan right now, but please do share this article with anyone who’s working on upgrading their winter wardrobe.


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