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Image by SOKO
9 Unique Artisan Jewelry Brands For Getting Fair Trade & Fancy Image by Kind Karma Company #artisanjewelry #artisanjewelrybrands #fairtradejewelry #fairtradejewelrybrands #artisanhandmadejewerly #uniquejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle
Image by Kind Karma Company

9 Unique Artisan Jewelry Brands For Getting Fair Trade & Fancy

Shelby Loeppky

What is artisan jewelry?

It’s jewelry that’s been made by a skilled craftsperson. It often incorporates traditional techniques, local materials, and a unique design that might even tell a story.

While it shares many ethical values with fair trade jewelry, artisan small business jewelry brands may be too small to afford any official certification.

Which is why we look for fair trade practices rather than just certications to ensure the working behind the bling are just as sparkly.

So what brands sell good quality jewelry that’s also ethically handcrafted?

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

A First Look At Our Favorite Fair Trade Handmade Jewelry

SOKO, a platform that delivers artisan made jewelry around the world, ensuring highly skilled artisans aren’t stunted in their local micro-economies. 

By combining recycled metals, semi-precious stones, and natural wood, Josiah Eidmann Studios’s earthy pieces make them one of the most unique jewelry brands around.

Fair trade brand Catbird delivers sustainable practices and responsibly sourced materials—which is no small feat considering the vast selection of artisanal jewelry.


9 Unique Artisan Jewelry Brands For Getting Fair Trade & Fancy Images by SOKO #artisanjewelry #artisanjewelrybrands #fairtradejewelry #fairtradejewelrybrands #artisanhandmadejewerly #uniquejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle
Images by SOKO

About SOKO

Price Range: $40–$278

SOKO, a woman-led Certified B Corp from Nairobi, Kenya, provides a platform for small artisans to optimize the selling of their wares through access to a global market. 

They combine purpose with handmade fair trade jewelry that’s suitable for any occasion, including bold yet elegant earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

While enabling artisans in Kenya to access the global marketplace, pick up a pair of SOKO’s unique geometric Sura Ear Cuffs to encourage conversation around empowering women artisans.

SOKO’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Brass is not only SOKO’s go-to metal but one of the best materials since ~90% of it available today is recycled.

Their brass is sourced from reliable vendors and is combined with 24K gold or chrome plating.

They use several materials found locally, like Ankole Longhorn cattle horns and bones repurposed from the food industry.

This is in addition to teak offcuts from sustainable sources in South Sudan and handmade beads made by a fair trade women’s collective in Kenya.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

In many areas of the world, including Kenya, entrepreneurial activities are limited to local markets. 

SOKO is able to change this by supporting artisans with their virtual factory, an app that connects artisans to the team at large and provides them with support, training opportunities, and worldwide orders and payment. 

They also have a field team that oversees production and ensures working hours are limited and child labor prohibitions are adhered to. 

On average, SOKO artisans earn up to five times the pay of an average artisan in the same area. 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

SOKO’s workshops work to limit energy, chemical, and water use. 

They also have “Environmental Champions” that educate their artisans to empower them to protect our planet. 

Community & charitable giving:

SOKO partners with the United Nations Trust Fund to end violence against women.

2. Catbird

9 Unique Artisan Jewelry Brands For Getting Fair Trade & Fancy Images by Catbird #artisanjewelry #artisanjewelrybrands #fairtradejewelry #fairtradejewelrybrands #artisanhandmadejewerly #uniquejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Catbird

About Catbird

Price Range: $14–$15,500

We love fair trade jewelry companies that get it right from the start— like Catbird.

With humble, NY beginnings, this powerhouse brand now has storefronts in the iconic Rockefeller Centre and LA—all while staying true to their artisan handcrafted jewelry roots.

If you’re looking to propose with an ethical engagement ring, their Swan Solitaire collection was the first big break they had into ceremony jewelry. 

If you don’t want to sacrifice size and clarity for affordability, pieces like Violette the Swan and its gorgeous lab-grown diamonds make fine jewelry accessible to more people.

They’re also the OGs in permanent jewelry, and you can “Get Zapped” at any of their storefronts. 

Catbird’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


With a large selection of conscious jewelry, you’ll see many materials used, including recycled or lab-grown stones and diamonds (i.e. conflict-free), freshwater pearls, and recycled or fair trade gold.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Catbird gets their pearls from a third-generation farm in China that engages in clean water practices. 

As a member of No Dirty Gold, they only use recycled and/or ethically sourced gold.

Besides providing a safe working environment, they employ a small trustworthy team who receive healthcare, a retirement plan, and fun perks.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

After building their HQ, in the historic and LEED-certified Brooklyn Navy Yard, all of their production is done in-house, reducing their carbon footprint.


For those who want free trade jewelry and bling on a budget, this woman-owned business has a section for jewelry under $200

Community & charitable giving:

You’ve heard of ‘jewelry just because’, but Catbird believes in jewelry for a cause. 

Your purchase will support the Catbird Giving Fund, which allocates 1% of sales (sales, not just profits) to equality-centered nonprofits. 

Recently, they surpassed 1.9 million!

3. Josiah Eidmann Studios

9 Unique Artisan Jewelry Brands For Getting Fair Trade & Fancy Images by Josiah Eidmann Studios #artisanjewelry #artisanjewelrybrands #fairtradejewelry #fairtradejewelrybrands #artisanhandmadejewerly #uniquejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Josiah Eidmann Studios

About Josiah Eidmann Studios

Price Range: $9–$51

From contemporary artist struggling to find his groove in the art scene, to talented cabinet maker, all the way to beautiful jewelry artisan, Josiah Eidmann Studios’ work combines natural materials with intricate inlays.

One of the most affordable and quirky jewelry brands out there, Josiah specialized in uniquely earth-inspired earrings, pendants, and steel core inlaid rings.

The Geometric Triangle Earrings are a statement piece, in more ways than one! Made of upcycled metal and dyed maplewood, they’re the perfect pick-me-up to any dangling (get it?) conversation.

Josiah Eidmann Studio’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Each of the fine metals, varying between rose gold, surgical steel, sterling silver, yellow gold fill and more, are made using recycled materials.

Varying in wood grain, each piece is one of a kind, and we’ve reached out to Josiah to get the full details on where the wood is sourced!

Supply chain & labor practices:

As one of the many independent artisans on this list, Josiah self-crafts all these beautiful artisan handmade jewelry pieces in his own studio.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

When purchased through Etsy, these fair trade earrings, rings, and necklaces ship carbon neutral.

4. Adorness

9 Unique Artisan Jewelry Brands For Getting Fair Trade & Fancy Images by Adorness #artisanjewelry #artisanjewelrybrands #fairtradejewelry #fairtradejewelrybrands #artisanhandmadejewerly #uniquejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Adorness

About Adorness

Price Range: $26–$38

To put it simply, we adore Adorness.

Hailing from the City of Love, the favorite Etsy Black-owned jewelry shop incorporates the founder’s Afro-Caribbean heritage in creating colorful, handcrafted and responsible jewelry pieces. 

Geometric leather earrings are her forte—like the fiercely fun Retba Earrings—but you’ll also find rings (boucles) and necklaces (parure collier).

Adorness’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Genuine leather and gold plated metal are used in many pieces, although some are made with other recycled materials, like leather, brass, and African-print fabrics.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

All pieces are made by Vanessa, the founder, right in her Paris studio. 

We aren’t sure about some of the virgin material sourcing, so we’re reaching out to enquire. 

5. Tumble & Rose

9 Unique Artisan Jewelry Brands For Getting Fair Trade & Fancy Images by Tumble & Rose #artisanjewelry #artisanjewelrybrands #fairtradejewelry #fairtradejewelrybrands #artisanhandmadejewerly #uniquejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Tumble & Rose

About Tumble & Rose

Price Range: $15–$22

At Tumble & Rose, you won’t just find handmade fair trade jewelry. You’ll find dainty pieces that pay homage to the natural world.

Take the Gardener’s Copper Cuff, a simple piece of minimalist jewelry that features the etchings of all kinds of wild plants.

Each item is handcrafted and stamped, meaning these fair trade necklaces and one-of-a-kind cuffs are all slightly different than the last.

Tumble & Rose’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Tumble & Rose metals consists of recycled materials only.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Pieces are made in founder Helen’s Southampton studio

With a smaller inventory, T&R works to ensure each artisan made piece has a clean history, unlike those made in mass production lines.

6. Kind Karma

9 Unique Artisan Jewelry Brands For Getting Fair Trade & Fancy Images by Kind Karma Company #artisanjewelry #artisanjewelrybrands #fairtradejewelry #fairtradejewelrybrands #artisanhandmadejewerly #uniquejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Kind Karma Company

About Kind Karma

Price Range: $28–$85

Toronto-based Kind Karma has a different take on artisan handmade jewelry.

Technically a social enterprise, the jewelry brand employs at-risk youth and uses jewelry making to transform their lives. 

When you glance at your KK ring, anklet, bracelet, earrings, or necklace, you’ll know that it comes with a significant positive social impact. 

Speaking of good karma, supply your best friend or family member with a dainty Linked Bracelet to match your own to commemorate a special event or relationship. 

Kind Karma’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Kind Karma uses a variety of metals (sterling silver and 14K gold) combined with a variety of gemstones (turquoise, pearls, opals, and more) and other unique, natural materials (lava stones and seashells).

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The majority of Kind Karma’s materials are sourced from US and Canadian wholesalers. 

While they partner with only reputable ones, their main focus is social impact. 

By working with marginalized youth and refugees, Kind Karma is able to provide them with job experience and fair wages that would otherwise be difficult to come by. 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Kind Karma provides a guide for taking care of the jewelry for maximum longevity, but also offers repairs.

Community & charitable giving:

In addition to supporting their small team of youth artisans, this artisan jewelry brand regularly supports other charities and homeless shelters. 

They also have “kindness days” on which their artisans volunteer in the community and still receive a full day of fair wages.

7. Melissa Joy Manning

9 Unique Artisan Jewelry Brands For Getting Fair Trade & Fancy Images by Melissa Joy Manning #artisanjewelry #artisanjewelrybrands #fairtradejewelry #fairtradejewelrybrands #artisanhandmadejewerly #uniquejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Melissa Joy Manning

About Melissa Joy Manning

Price Range: $15–$17,325

The founder behind Melissa Joy Manning is also co-chair for the Council of Fashion Designers of America sustainability committee. 

So when you order fair trade gold jewelry from this brand, you’re embracing a conscious collection of pieces that do more than sparkle. 

Responsible sourcing, socially responsible practices, and designs that last a lifetime are the foundation of their earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. 

Their variety of simple yet stylishly chunky Cigar Band rings are eye-catching on any hand. They’d even work well as a sustainable wedding ring.

Melissa Joy Manning’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Recycled gold and recycled sterling silver get a thumbs up from our planet. The gold is available in 14k, 18k, rose, white and yellow.

Several stones are on offer, too—including sapphire, ruby, and white or black diamonds. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Your handmade jewelry will be created by someone in MJM’s California studio or their design space in New York.

While Melissa Joy Manning is not certified fair trade, they try their best to meet such standards, including pyment of fair wages.

The metals are recycled, the diamonds are all responsibly sourced, and the gemstones are also responsibly sourced when possible (though the jewelry brand transparently recognizes there is still room for error here).

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Have an old ring you want to freshen up? 

MJM can make jewelry with any repurposed stones you already have.

Not only do they make made-to-order pieces, but their Green Certified California studio also uses energy-efficient machines, is 100% powered by renewable energy, and practices and recycles whenever possible.

Community & charitable giving:

One of the foremost jewelry brands with a purpose, MJM regularly supports local organizations and projects.

During Earth Week, for example, they donated 10% of all sales to the Clean Water Fund.

8. Rover & Kin

9 Unique Artisan Jewelry Brands For Getting Fair Trade & Fancy Images by Rover & Kin #artisanjewelry #artisanjewelrybrands #fairtradejewelry #fairtradejewelrybrands #artisanhandmadejewerly #uniquejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Rover & Kin

About Rover & Kin

Price Range: $

A proudly AAIP women-owned brand, Rover & Kin is a branch of their parent company Koraa.

When founder Wen-Yan King created Rover & Kin she knew all of the jewelry had to have origins as pretty as they look on your finger (or in your ears).

With a long list of responsibly sourced materials, these dainty Teak Beaded Drape Earrings are no different—made of all-natural teak wood and recycled brass.

Rover & Kin’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


You’ll find an incredibly unique array of upcycled or sustainably-sourced materials, like cultured freshwater baroque pearls, recycled brass, sustainable teak wood, and upcycled buffalo horn.

Supply chain & labor practices:

R&K is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation, meaning their materials are sourced carefully, and the partnerships they hold are held to the highest labor standards. 

Everything is ethically handcrafted in India in exchange for fair wages.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

This fair trade jewelry company recently shifted to biodegradable cornstarch packaging.

Community & charitable giving:

Through Grow Ahead, Rover & Kin has planted 350 trees, helping to offset their carbon footprint.

9. L.Greenwalt Jewelry

9 Unique Artisan Jewelry Brands For Getting Fair Trade & Fancy Images by L.Greenwalt Jewelry #artisanjewelry #artisanjewelrybrands #fairtradejewelry #fairtradejewelrybrands #artisanhandmadejewerly #uniquejewelrybrands #sustainablejungle
Images by L.Greenwalt Jewelry

Price Range: $38–$195

About L.Greenwalt Jewelry

Run by husband and wife duo, L.Greenwalt Jewelry is all about taking modern, architectural designs and interesting shapes and turning them into artisan made jewelry.

A piece wearable for any occasion, the Organic Hoop Earrings are a stunningly simple yet unique take on classic hoops made with recycled gold fill.

L.Greenwalt Jewelry’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


85% of their gold fill and the majority of their sterling silver is recycled. The rest is ethically mined, though we’ll be reaching out for specifics on what that means for them.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

This artisan jewelry designer makes everything in their Portland, OR studio.

Pieces are sculpted using vegan carving wax by a local women-owned and operated casting studio.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Whenever possible L.Greenwalt reuses scrap materials, proud of operating a low waste jewelry studio.

Everything ships plastic-free and carbon-neutral, when ordered through their partner, Made Trade.

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How We Found The Best Fair Trade Handmade Jewelry Brands

What is considered artisan jewelry?

It generally refers to pieces by small, handmade jewelry companies.

But it’s good to go above and beyond to ensure that each piece to adorn your body is a piece of sustainable jewelry as well.

When we unearth gems in the world of sustainable jewelry brands, we look at the following criteria:


Recycled metals and repurposed materials are making their way into a lot of jewelry, along with ethically sourced or lab created diamonds and gemstones.

This way, we know the materials were sourced conflict-free. 

Because mining is such a dangerous activity no matter how ethical the mine, we prefer lab-grown and recycled because it means no mining was involved at all.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

When buying artisan jewelry online, it’s comforting to see specific details on living wages, working conditions, and efforts that support artisans and their communities in ways that go beyond fair wages (i.e. education opportunities, outreach to marginalized communities, health care, etc.).

That’s what we mean when we say ‘fair trade’ jewelry companies.

Though if a company has an actual fair trade certification, even better because it means third party checks and balances.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

While we prioritized the fair trade practices and the ethical jewelry side of things for this article, it’s great to see many of these brands using energy efficient practices, and small supply chains. 

Another side benefit of artisan jewelry is that many of these unique artisan jewelry pieces were handcrafted, reducing overall energy consumption.

Community & charitable giving: 

It’s great to show off your new bracelet. 

But to tell a story about how your splurge from jewelry companies that give back is helping support a charity or environmental organization?

All the more reason to show it off, we say!

Final Thoughts On Artisanal & Unique Jewelry Brands

Jewelry may look pretty, but in reality, it’s an ugly business.

From the mining to the manufacturing to the sketchy marketing, the jewelry industry needs an overhaul.

Fortunately, artisan and fair trade jewelry brands present us with an alternative—one in which the individuals who make the jewelry are valued as much (or more) as the pair of earrings they create.

If you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, don’t be afraid to share this article to drop some less-than-subtle hints about the kind of bling you want to unwrap!

Let’s adorn ourselves with artisanal ethical jewelry accessories that support a world that glimmers with all that’s good.

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