9 Sustainable Coats & Jackets To Stay Warm & Consciously Cozy Image by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablecoats #sustainablewintercoats #sustainablejackets #ethicalcoats #ethicalwintercoats #ethicaljackets #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
9 Sustainable Coats & Jackets To Stay Warm & Consciously Cozy #sustainablecoats #sustainablewintercoats #sustainablejackets #ethicalcoats #ethicalwintercoats #ethicaljackets #sustainablejungle Image by Bernardo
Image by Bernardo

9 Sustainable Coats & Ethical Jackets To Keep You Consciously Cozy

Heather Seely

Unless you live in a place like Florida, a sustainable coat is about as essential as socks.

For most, the winter months are rough—rougher still without a warm and durable coat when the mercury drops the mic. 

Unfortunately, some winter coats—namely those made of synthetic fabrics—keep you warm at the cost of heating up our planet. 

A winning winter wardrobe is one that keeps us toasty without melting an ice cap, so we sifted through piles of parkas and puffers to find the most sustainable brands for you and the planet.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

Bundle Up In Sustainable & Ethical Coats & Jackets

Bernardo merges New York style with recycled materials in their show-stopping range of ethical winter coats.

Forget the city and hit the slopes with Patagonia’s range of sustainable puffer coats and waterproof ski jackets.

Rounding out the trifecta of environments to protect you from, ocean-inspired Outerknown has some sustainable fall jackets that should certainly be known.

Skate down to the coattails of the article for more on what sealed (or zipped-up) the deal for these brands.

1. Bernardo

9 Sustainable Coats & Jackets To Stay Warm & Consciously Cozy #sustainablecoats #sustainablewintercoats #sustainablejackets #ethicalcoats #ethicalwintercoats #ethicaljackets #sustainablejungle Images by Bernardo
Images by Bernardo

About Bernardo

Price Range: $99—$299

Make frigid weather more bearable with European-inspired, NYC-designed couture stylings—or in Bernardo’s case, coat-ure ones.

They’ve been specializing in “outerwear for the modern woman and her family on the go” for over four decades. 

It’s no wonder they offer a sizable collection of women’s sustainable coats that includes puffers, vests, rain jackets, quilted coats, long coats, and heavy winter coats.

Their selection of sustainable winter coats for men is limited to an insulated vest and the Northernmost Point Puffer Jacket.

Bernardo’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Bernardo’s most sustainable outerwear is made from either recycled nylon (i.e. their raincoats) or GRS-certified recycled polyester.

In many styles, the latter constitutes both the outer shell and recycled plastic bottle Eco Plume™ fill, which is also bluesign®-approved.

To avoid less sustainable materials like virgin polyester, traditional cotton, and acrylic faux fur trims, we recommend sticking to the Eco-Minded and Full Circle Collections.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

There are no details about Bernardo’s manufacturing on their website, so we’ll be reaching out to check that these are ethical coats as well as sustainable ones.

Green business practices: 

Bernardo’s use of recycled materials allowed them to repurpose almost 5 million plastic bottles this year alone.

Eco-friendly materials aren’t the only thing Bernardo recycleds. Their packaging, hang tags, and labels are also 100% recycled.

Taking circularity further, Ecoloved is their line of pre-loved garments on sale via a separate site through a collaboration with the online thrift store thredUP.


Standard sizes from this woman-managed brand run XXS-XL, but their Curve collection features sizes 1X-3X.

2. Outerknown

9 Sustainable Coats & Jackets To Stay Warm & Consciously Cozy #sustainablecoats #sustainablewintercoats #sustainablejackets #ethicalcoats #ethicalwintercoats #ethicaljackets #sustainablejungle Images by Outerknown
Images by Outerknown

About Outerknown

Price Range: $331—$555

From sustainable swimwear to socks, Outerknown is a company that ticks all the boxes.

Founded by the world’s most famous surfer, Kelly Slater, they know their stuff when it comes to clothing that can withstand the weather’s wildest waves.

Just in case their ethical sweaters aren’t warm enough, they offer sustainable men’s sports coats, utility jackets, water-repellant wind shells, and eco-friendly puffer jackets.

OK’s sustainable jackets for women aren’t meant for super frigid temperatures but are on-point for fringe seasons. These include shirt jackets, denim jackets, and the cozy-looking “oversized cocoon sherpa” Dorset Car Coat.

Outerknown’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Sustainable fabrics are about the only thing that makes their way into OK’s ethical winter coats and jackets. 

These include recycled materials (polyester, nylon, polyamide cotton, and wool), TENCEL™ Lyocell, regular wool, cupro, and RDS-certified down.

Only a few contain virgin polyester or minimal spandex.

If you want organic coats, they have several made of 100% organic cotton or a hemp and cotton blend.

Any water-repellency is thanks to a PFOA-free DWR coating.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Outerwear uses Fair Trade-certified facilities across Peru, China, and Mexico and works collectively with workers to ensure they’re paid a premium for their work along with extra funding to improve their lives even more.  

All suppliers must also adhere to a Fair Labor Association Code of Conduct.

Green business practices: 

By 2030, Outerknown will be powered by 100% renewable energy—amongst other sustainability strategy goals like implementing repair and recycling programs. 

They’ve started by launching Outerworn, where customers can buy and sell preloved OK clothing.


Most items range from S-XXL.

Community & charitable giving: 

Committed to a plastic-free sea, Outerwear is one of the ocean’s biggest advocates. 

They regularly participate in beach cleanups and donate the proceeds from specialty items to organizations like Ocean Conservancy.

3. Frank And Oak

9 Sustainable Coats & Jackets To Stay Warm & Consciously Cozy #sustainablecoats #sustainablewintercoats #sustainablejackets #ethicalcoats #ethicalwintercoats #ethicaljackets #sustainablejungle Images by Frank And Oak
Images by Frank And Oak

About Frank And Oak

Price Range: $149—$549

Designed in the chilly northern climates of Canada, warm sustainable winter coats come naturally to Frank And Oak.

Sustainable parka coats are their signature styles—namely the Alpine for men and Capital for women—but you’ll also find puffers, topcoats (or peacoats), and bomber jackets.

That’s on top of all other manner of clothing, including hydro-less, circular, organic denim.

Frank And Oak’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Lots of innovative materials are at work with the Frank & Oak line (fabric made from recycled oyster shells or seaweed, anyone?) but their coats primarily utilize recycled materials.

This usually means recycled polyester for the outer, lining, and Thermore® Insulation fills—a down alternative made from recycled plastic bottles—for each insulated parka.

Some eco-friendly coats contain natural fabrics, too, like recycled or certified cruelty-free wool, kapok, and GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Fabrics are dyed using aniline-free eco-dyes.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Frank And Oak is a Certified B Corp so we know their workers are protected by third-party audits, but we don’t know any further manufacturing details. We’ll reach out to inquire.

Green business practices: 

Frank And Oak writes, “From purposeful pockets to the very last recyclable button, every product we create is uncompromisingly designed to be as beneficial to you as it is to our planet’s welfare.”

78% of their line contains eco-friendly materials and less than 13% contains virgin polyester.

For packaging, they utilize recycled paper kraft boxes and composable polybags, and their offices and stores are built and furnished using locally-sourced or recycled materials.


Sustainable women’s coats come in XS-XL and men’s styles add XXL to that range.

4. Patagonia

9 Sustainable Coats & Jackets To Stay Warm & Consciously Cozy Images by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablecoats #sustainablewintercoats #sustainablejackets #ethicalcoats #ethicalwintercoats #ethicaljackets #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Patagonia

Price Range: $117—$649

Who else would be considered among the best sustainable outerwear brands, than the makers of some of the best sustainable outdoor clothing.

Patagonia has been equipping people for skiing, ice climbing, winter hiking, and extreme cold mountaineering for almost five decades—so suffice it to say they know their snow stuff.

With ski jackets, GoreTex rain shells, insulated jackets, fleece jackets, and shackets, there’s something for everyone.

For both men and women, the Nano Puff® Jacket is a best selling lightweight synthetic puffer for any and all occasions. Or throw it back to one of Patagonia’s original styles in the form of the windblocking Retro X fleece jacket.

Either way, you’ll be wearing 100% recycled materials.

Patagonia’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The eco-friendly materials used by Patagonia’s lighter ethical jackets include regenerative organic cotton, recycled or ethically sourced wool, recycled polyester, and organic cotton.

For more burly outerwear, you’ll find mostly recycled synthetics, like nylon and polyester shells coated in PFC-free waterproof coatings. 

Their insulation consists of 100% recycled P.U.R.E.™ (Produced Using Reduced Emissions) PrimaLoft® Gold or RDS-certified down in the sustainable down coats.

Some still contain elements made from virgin synthetics, but the number of these garments shrinks season by season.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

From Fair Trade-certified sewing for 87% of their outdoor apparel to the support of more than 66,000 workers with fair wages, Patagonia is doing a lot in the way of social responsibility.

They also keep things super transparent and traceable by matching all garments to their place of creation via the Footprint Chronicles. 

Such efforts have earned them the top tier ranking in Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index.

Green business practices: 

Planning to be carbon neutral by 2025, recycling poly shipping bags in any Patagonia store, pioneering a regenerative farming certification, and offering a line with 87% of garments are made from recycled materials—these are just a few of the things Patagonia is doing to stay green. 

They buy-back and resell old Patagonia garments through the Worn Wear program (a way to get major deals on like new stuff) and offer a lifetime of repairs via their IronClad guarantee.


Recognizing their own inclusivity shortcomings, they are making efforts to address them.

Sustainable men’s coats are now available in XS-3XL and women’s in XXS-2XL.

Community & charitable giving: 

Environmental activism is a huge priority for Patagonia, both on a large political and small grassroots scale (which they help by connecting shoppers with local organizations through the Patagonia Action Works).

They founded 1% For the Planet and recently sold the company to two environmental nonprofits—meaning all profits moving forward will help fight climate change.

5. Passion Lilie

9 Sustainable Coats & Jackets To Stay Warm & Consciously Cozy #sustainablecoats #sustainablewintercoats #sustainablejackets #ethicalcoats #ethicalwintercoats #ethicaljackets #sustainablejungle Images by Passion Lilie
Images by Passion Lilie

About Passion Lilie

Price Range: $58—$116

They may be based in balmy New Orleans but that doesn’t mean Passion Lilie isn’t equipped to keep you warm on a chilly evening out on the town.

From handwoven eco-friendly scarves that make for excellent fair trade gifts to ethical outerwear, this sustainable company is passionate about making fashion that doesn’t compromise style for sustainability.

Their range includes jackets, ponchos, boleros, blazers, and organic fleece coats. 

Passion Lilie’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Using exclusively GOTS-certified organic cotton (in traditional or fleece textures) means these are some of the best organic coats you’ll find.

Their lovely selection of colors and patterns is thanks to Azo-free, organic, and sustainable dyes and block printing done by hand.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The design process occurs in a New Orleans-based studio before actually coming to life in India.

A trip there actually inspired this brand’s founding out of a desire to provide meaningful employment and earning opportunities.

Passion Lilie is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and the Ethical Fashion Forum Fellowship 500, so they’re committed to reversing the cycle of poverty, especially for those who they employ. 

All workers are paid fair wages and enjoy safe and healthy working conditions. Unlike most artisans in India, Passion Lilie workers receive weekends off and break time whenever they need it. 

Green business practices: 

This Green America Certified Business takes sustainability further by washing freshly dyed fabrics in the river to minimize water consumption before being hung dry in the sun to reduce energy consumption.

Because the dyes are natural, it does not damage these water ecosystems.


Sizes run from XS-XL in these eco-friendly jackets.

Community & charitable giving: 

Passion Lilie works to steadily increase the size of its Indian workforce and support women who are in need of employment through training opportunities. 

They’ll also help customers organize trunk shows by request, the proceeds of which go to a charity of the customers’ choice.

6. Reformation

9 Sustainable Coats & Jackets To Stay Warm & Consciously Cozy #sustainablecoats #sustainablewintercoats #sustainablejackets #ethicalcoats #ethicalwintercoats #ethicaljackets #sustainablejungle Images by Reformation
Images by Reformation

About Reformation

Price Range: $115—$1800

Because the fashion industry is in need of one, we refer to Reformation, who use specific criteria to make sure their products are the best—or that consumers know where they need to improve. 

They have a full line of women’s fashion items but we came for the coats. 

In addition to more stylish blazers, bomber, denim, and leather jackets, this fast fashion alternative has a full line of heavier sustainable winter coats in short to full-length designs.

For a year-round staple, be sure to check out the Marco Bomber sustainable jacket, made of 100% regenerative cotton.

Reformation’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Divided into five fiber standards, ranging from “Allstars” to “Eww, Never”, they ensure that 75% of what they sell is in the first two categories.

Most of their sustainable outerwear consists of wool coats, featuring a blend of 70% recycled MWool®, 12% recycled polyamide, and 18% polyamide.

Others contain recycled or regenerative cotton and/or deadstock materials (i.e. leftovers from manufacturing or unsold garments from other companies) polyester and wool.

They offer a handful of sustainable leather jackets featuring leather sourced from LWG-Gold or Silver rated tanneries.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Between their map of suppliers and factory list (though 33 of these are owned by Ref themselves and located right in LA), their Code of Conduct, and compliance with international standards for fair labor conditions, Ref is committed to an ethical supply chain. 

While 65% of their garments are USA-made, the others in China, Morocco, and Turkey are Global Social Compliance Program compliant. 

Green business practices: 

Reformation is carbon neutral and each product page displays the sustainability impact (i.e. carbon dioxide savings, water savings, and waste savings). 

As part of their Circular Fashion System Commitment, RefRecycling encourages you to rewear, resell, or recycle via a partnership with SuperCircle.

Similarly, they hope to have 100% of their fabrics be from recycled, regenerative or renewable sources by 2025.

That’s on top of a bunch of other green choices you can read about in their latest sustainability report.


Reformation tests the fit of its products on multiple women and has both a petite collection and an extended sizes collection (up to size 24 or  3X) making them one of the best ethical plus-sized clothing brands.

Standard sizes only run XS-XL.

Community & charitable giving: 

They donate to various rotating organizations (ACLU and Planned Parenthood, to name some past recipients) and give their employees one day off per month to volunteer.

7. Amour Vert

9 Sustainable Coats & Jackets To Stay Warm & Consciously Cozy #sustainablecoats #sustainablewintercoats #sustainablejackets #ethicalcoats #ethicalwintercoats #ethicaljackets #sustainablejungle Images by Amour Vert
Images by Amour Vert

About Amour Vert

Price Range: $44—$570

Remember that high school French class?

Yeah, us neither, but no worries because all you need to know is that Amour Vert translates to “green love”—which is accurate.  

We’ve been known to swoon over Amour Vert’s ethical dresses, but when the temperatures drop, you can dress in AV, too.

Their women’s-only outerwear includes blazers, biker jackets, and other lightweight options for less severe weather.

Because it’s all professional-looking attire you’ll feel no hesitation throwing on these sustainable fashion coats over their sustainable work clothing for that important upcoming project proposal.

Amour Vert’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Amour Vert’s large range is crafted using carefully selected sustainable fibers combined with non-toxic dyes. 

Their jackets feature fabrics like wool, recycled plastic bottles, upcycled acrylic, and recycled leather or suede. 

Only a couple should be avoided, like those that contain virgin acrylic .

Supply chain & labor practices: 

With every item, you can see the people behind the production as well as where it’s been made.  

They also use GOTS-approved manufacturing processes and are committed to keeping production local—97% of their range is made close to their main office in San Francisco.

Most of the line consists of sustainable coats made in the USA, though a few are made in India.

Green business practices: 

Amour Vert is a member of the Responsible Packaging Movement and uses eco-friendly materials for packaging: compostable garment bags, recycled boxes and filler, and soy-based inks.

Things are made in small-batches to prevent unsold stock and they offer an avenue for reselling used products through ReAmour is the brand’s resale marketplace. 


The sustainable women’s outerwear comes in XS-XL sizes. 

Community & charitable giving: 

Partnering with American Forests, a tree gets planted for every t-shirt purchase Tees=Trees! 

8. Thought

9 Sustainable Coats & Jackets To Stay Warm & Consciously Cozy #sustainablecoats #sustainablewintercoats #sustainablejackets #ethicalcoats #ethicalwintercoats #ethicaljackets #sustainablejungle Images by Thought
Images by Thought

About Thought

Price Range: $64—$225

Thought is, well, thoughtfully trying to change the fashion industry one step at a time.

Through considered design, responsible sourcing, and opting for the most natural materials, they’re doing exactly that. 

Women can choose from a wide range of puffer, parkas, car coats, and denim and utility jackets, for those seeking lightweight sustainable coats.

Their men’s sustainable coats include only the Kaiden Showerproof Jacket, which keeps its wearer dry with 100% rPET.

Thought’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Most jackets are made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton bodies, sometimes made waterproof with a fluorocarbon free coating or insulated with 100% GRS recycled polyester.

You’ll find a few others with recycled nylon, bamboo viscose, or a measly 1% elastane.

All are sustainable vegan coats, except for a few styles that utilize recycled wool.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

While not sustainable coats made in the UK, the UK-based Common Objective founder holds their China-based suppliers and factories to fair trade-equivalent standards and works with a code of conduct

They opt to manufacture here because it keeps their factories in the same location as their suppliers, reducing substantial shipping emissions.

Green business practices: 

Thought also avoids plastic packaging and uses only slow shipping speeds (100% sea freight rather than air).


These sustainable coats and jackets for women come in sizes 6-18 and those for men in XS-3XL.

Community & charitable giving: 

Thought regularly sends some of their excess stock and returned goods to non-profits in the UK that provide clothes to those in need, as well as donating money to environmental charities.

9. prAna

9 Sustainable Coats & Jackets To Stay Warm & Consciously Cozy #sustainablecoats #sustainablewintercoats #sustainablejackets #ethicalcoats #ethicalwintercoats #ethicaljackets #sustainablejungle Images by prAna
Images by prAna

About prAna

Price Range: $119—$470

Just like the word behind the brand’s name, prAna gives us life in seeing how they’re trying to improve the world of activewear.

You can cool down in your sustainable yoga clothing before warming up in one of their sustainable winter coats and jackets for men and women. 

You’ll find technical garments in the form of wool coats, puffers, wind anoraks, and sustainable rain jackets as well as more casual shirt jackets, corduroy coats, and fleece.

prAna’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


prAna’s clothing is a mixture of eco-friendly fabrics (like recycled materials, recycled wool, hemp,  TENCEL™ Lyocell, and organic cotton) along with some not-so-sustainable fabrics (like virgin polyester, lycra, and elastane) to keep you warm and dry. 

However, you can find some made of 100% recycled polyester or nylon—like the Othello Falls Jacket.

Many are bluesign® approved and contain PFAS-free durable water repellent treatments.

While they use RDS-certified down, we wouldn’t consider theirs to be sustainable down coats because they all still utilize fully non-recycled polyester and nylon.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Not only are they members of the Textile Exchange, but they also became the first North American apparel brand to produce Fair Trade-certified clothing.

They work with several factories around the globe (mostly in Vietnam, India, or China) and ensure that they all meet strict standards when it comes to things like forced labor, child labor, harassment, hours of work, and health and safety. 

Their supply chain list (along with the ability to shop by country of origin) gives interested customers a first-hand look at who they work with and where they’re located.

Green business practices: 

prAna encourages everyone to take a part in Clothing for Positive Change (C4PC) by asking questions about where and how clothes are made.

They also started the Responsible Packaging Movement to not only move to more sustainable materials for shipping themselves but inspire other brands to do so, too.


prAna’s inclusive size ranges from XS-3XL for men and XXS-XXL for women.

While plus sizes aren’t available for all garments yet, there’s still a healthy selection.

Community & charitable giving: 

Partnering with Outdoor Outreach, prAna donates some profits so that disenfranchised youth can take part in transformative outdoor experiences.

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How We Found The Best Ethical & Sustainable Winter Coats

Most of the coats in your closet will contain synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, spandex, and fleece.

While these may prevent you against an icy chill, they won’t do much if global warming sends us plunging into the next ice age.  

Synthetic fibers are associated ethical and environmental issues like microplastic pollution—with polyester fleece being the worst. 

They’re also associated with oil and lots of it—some estimates suggest 70 million barrels are used to make polyester each year!  

So then, what are the most sustainable coats?

We’ll let our sustainable and ethical fashion criteria guide us through the blizzard.


As with sustainable beanies, natural fabrics are far better alternatives, so we look for materials like organic cotton (which requires less water and fewer hazardous chemicals than its traditional counterpart), hemp fabric, linen, and upcycled wool. 

Virgin down ethical wool coats aren’t so bad either, so long as they’re sourced cruelty-free and sourced from places that prioritize animal welfare.

For obvious animal rights reasons, we see no possible sustainable fur coats unless they’re vintage—and these brands seem to agree.

While natural waxes can be used to give organic materials waterproof qualities, synthetics are often still preferred for their superior weather resistance, a quality needed in your defense against the elements.

However, substituting virgin synthetics with recycled materials (like nylon made from abandoned fishing nets and polyester from plastic bottles) is a far better option because it at least prevents more crude oil from being harvested.

It doesn’t, however, solve the microplastics issue so while winter coats require less frequent washing than, say, your sustainable activewear, you should still use a Guppyfriend wash bag.

Ethical leather jackets are tricky unless the leather is recycled, but beyond that, we look for vegetable-tanned leather.

Supply chain and labor practices:

While we like ethical and sustainable long coats, we’d rather supply chains that aren’t long, as smaller ones are easier to trace.

However, for larger brands, transparency is key. If a brand doesn’t know who they’re working with or where its materials come from, how can it ensure that workers are properly supported?

We then like to see codes of conduct in place and regular visits to these entities to ensure they’re being upheld.

Third-party certifications can provide some assurances, but be aware that you shouldn’t entirely rely on one certification, like B Corp’s reliability which has been called into question.

  • Certifications: B-Corp, Fair trade (i.e Fair Wear Foundation, Fair Labor Association, etc)

Green business practices:

In addition to sourcing ethical and sustainable materials, brands can take implement sustainable practices to reduce their environmental footprint.

Eco-friendly winter coats feel much warmer when produced using renewable energy or carbon offset programs, environmentally conscious processes, or packaged with plastic-free packaging. 


Just because you have a little extra natural insulation around the middle, doesn’t mean you don’t need a winter coat. Inclusion means sizes and modeling that represent all bodies, shapes, and sizes.

Community & charitable giving:

If a brand is large and profitable enough to give back to a good cause, that’s fantastic. 

For those who haven’t made it yet financially, we love to see how they support their employees with perks and incentives to do good (like paid days off to volunteer).

Final Thoughts On Sustainable Outerwear

If all this warm and stylish ethical outerwear doesn’t get you excited for the cold, we don’t know what will.

Other than cocoa, of course, it’s about the only thing to look forward to during the winter gloom.

But don’t forget, the best sustainable winter coat is the one already hanging on your coat rack. 

If you’re missing buttons try to repair it yourself and if it’s something more severe like a broken zipper, let online clothes repair services help you out.

If that doesn’t work and you can’t find a suitable option secondhand, brave the cold by supporting one of these sustainable winter coat brands.

To help insulate your loved ones from chilling and our planet from warming, consider giving this article of warm coats a share.

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9 Sustainable Coats & Jackets To Stay Warm & Consciously Cozy #sustainablecoats #sustainablewintercoats #sustainablejackets #ethicalcoats #ethicalwintercoats #ethicaljackets #sustainablejungle Image by Thought

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