A Brief Review of 9 Ethical Mens Underwear Brands #ethicalmensunderwear #bestethicalmensunderwear #ethicalunderwearformen #ethicalmensunderwearbrands #sustainablemensunderwear #ecofriendlymensunderwear #sustainablejungle Image by Mighty Good Basics
Image by Mighty Good Basics
A Brief Review of 9 Ethical Mens Underwear Brands #ethicalmensunderwear #bestethicalmensunderwear #ethicalunderwearformen #ethicalmensunderwearbrands #sustainablemensunderwear #ecofriendlymensunderwear #sustainablejungle Images by B3NTH
Image by B3NTH

A Brief Review of 9 Ethical Mens Underwear Brands

Aarron Lopex

Climate change and fast fashion aren’t the only sensitive areas we’ll be covering in this article: it’s time to unpack(age) the world of ethical mens underwear.

To put it briefly, traditional synthetic underwear—often manufactured using formaldehydes—are pretty junky for your junk, having been linked with low sperm count, and cancer.

And while secondhand skivvies are undoubtedly the most sustainable option, are you game enough to sport someone’s pre-loved jock-strap?

Us neither.

So how do we navigate this delicate issue for our delicate bits?

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Most Sustainable Mens Underwear Brands

Shopping for eco friendly mens underwear from brands that are raising the bar (and your booty), that’s how.

Allbirds is a leader in its industry pushing for carbon zero in its production of sustainable mens underwear. 

The community-run collective at ASKET works together to create cohesive, classic designs.

For less “business as usual” for your business, peep the patterned skivvies over at MeUndies, where they endlessly support self-expression. 

Busy and running around like your (under)pants are on fire? 

Skip to the bottom for the big reveal of how we picked these sustainable mens underwear brands so you don’t have to go commando.

1. Allbirds

A Brief Review of 9 Ethical Mens Underwear Brands #ethicalmensunderwear #bestethicalmensunderwear #ethicalunderwearformen #ethicalmensunderwearbrands #sustainablemensunderwear #ecofriendlymensunderwear #sustainablejungle Images by Allbirds
Images by Allbirds

About Allbirds

With a flightless bird (the kiwi) as New Zealand’s mascot, it’s a good reminder that #allbirds matter 

And if they double as an ethical underwear brand, then #allthebetter.

Allbirds is a one-stop-shop for sustainable mens, women’s, and kids’ clothing and footwear. 

With everything from recycled shoes to some of the best ethical mens underwear, they’ve got you covered from your bottom of your feet to your actual bottom . 

Allbirds’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Allbirds’ ecofriendly men’s underwear are made of FSC certified TENCEL™ Lyocell, ZQ certified ethical wool, and 7% spandex.

Supply Chain & Labor Practices: 

They maintain a strict code of conduct that suppliers adhere to in order to work with them and, as a Certified B Corp, approach every aspect of production with accountability. 

Their ethical underwear for men are made in Nam Định, Vietnam with materials from sustainably sourced trees in South Africa and wool from New Zealand.

Green Business Practices: 

Already carbon neutral, this company aims to achieve zero carbon emissions and has goals set out to achieve specific milestones by 2025 and 2030, respectively. 

They partner with LEED-certified companies that focus on water conservation and energy practices. 

Their packaging uses 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard and FSC certified paper.

Allbirds’s ReRun™ program accepts gently used sustainable sneakers for resale.


Their men’s underwear come in sizes S–XXL.

Community & Charitable Giving: 

They work with Soles4Souls, donating gently used returned items to those in need.



A Brief Review of 9 Ethical Mens Underwear Brands #ethicalmensunderwear #bestethicalmensunderwear #ethicalunderwearformen #ethicalmensunderwearbrands #sustainablemensunderwear #ecofriendlymensunderwear #sustainablejungle Images by ASKET
Images by ASKET


Say goodbye to your Stockholm Syndrome with holey underwear because this Swedish company is making those a thing of the past.

ASKET is one of the best ethical mens underwear brands with a simple premise behind it: essentials with durability and design.

Their permanent collection encourages a minimalist wardrobe, inclusive of their ethical boxer briefs available in timeless, solid colors.

ASKET’s Sustainability Practices


The organic mens underwear are made with Egyptian cotton, Merino wool, and 5% elastane.

Supply Chain & Labor Practices: 

Transparency is king at ASKET. Full scale reports detail the origin and impact, traceable through each step of the supply chain.

Each product page also includes the cost breakdown, and all receipts demonstrate the energy, water, and CO2emissions it took to create it.

They manufacture and source from 40+ factories, all holding certifications including GOTS, WRAP, SA8000, and/or OEKO-TEX.

Green Business Practices: 

ASKET’s Lifecycle Program takes responsibility for the full life of a garment or accessory produced by them.

Videos and written guides demonstrate how to repair and care for your clothes, from sewing buttons to stitching up holes.

The buyback program gives you$25 for sending in your ASKET product, regardless of condition, so it can get a new life.


Opting to move away from standardized sizing in designs and towards the use of flexible materials, men’s sizes run XS – XL.

Available: ASKET

3. MeUndies

A Brief Review of 9 Ethical Mens Underwear Brands #ethicalmensunderwear #bestethicalmensunderwear #ethicalunderwearformen #ethicalmensunderwearbrands #sustainablemensunderwear #ecofriendlymensunderwear #sustainablejungle Images by MeUndies
Images by MeUndies

About MeUndies

And the award for most creative sustainable men’s underwear brand goes to…


We’d bet cash-money these outrageously patterned skivvies will have you grinning (Game of Thrones or llamas anyone?).

Well known for their soft texture, there’s a style and fit for all bodies.

With a monthly MatchMe subscription, couples can “match your bottom half to your better half” with identical undergarment sets.

MeUndies’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Sourced from Beechwood, the sustainable material for men’s underwear by MeUndies is MicroModal paired with 8% elastane.

A few garments contain recycled nylon, spandex, and recycled polyamide (plastic), so be sure to read the clothing label if you’re on a mission to avoid them.

Their popping prints are made with low-impact dyes.

Supply Chain & Labor Practices: 

Partnered with factories globally in Sri Lanka, Turkey, Guatemala, China and California, they ensure employee safety and welfare at all levels of the supply chain.

They conduct regular audits on working conditions, and provide employee benefits such as transportation, free meals, and fair wages.


Men’s sizes range XS–4XL, and body inclusive models are the norm for this self-expression driven brand.

And you can certainly express yourself since their range of mens ethical underwear offers full cover to something a bit more free (thongs and jockstraps, anyone?).

Community & Charitable Giving: 

Partners with The Body Positive, the LA LGBT Center, and the Fashion Scholarship Fund, MeUndies Gives helps “fight conformity and promote acceptance”.

They collaborate with local artists and organizations that seek to create social impact through diversity, community, and creativity.

Available: MeUndies

4. B3NTH

A Brief Review of 9 Ethical Mens Underwear Brands #ethicalmensunderwear #bestethicalmensunderwear #ethicalunderwearformen #ethicalmensunderwearbrands #sustainablemensunderwear #ecofriendlymensunderwear #sustainablejungle Images by B3NTH
Images by B3NTH

About BN3TH

BN3TH is a Canadian ethical mens underwear brand prioritizing comfort, athletic performance and (most importantly) the great outdoors.

With their MyPackage Pouch TechnologyTM, they guarantee a 3-dimensional chafe free and ultra breathable fit, no more shifting or adjusting on your tempo run.

For underwear cuts, they offer trunks, boxer briefs, jocks and liners, and full length long underwear.

B3NTH’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


As a TENCEL™ Modal certified company, this sustainable material for mens underwear is made from ethically harvested wood pulp like birch, Beechwood, or eucalyptus.

Their Entourage series uses 100% post-consumer recycled materials, creating an ultimate wicking EcoDry fabric.

Some are made with 83% Responsible Wool Standard certified merino wool, mixed with polyamide and spandex.

The only ones we’d avoid are their Hero Knit series, as these feature primarily virgin polyester.

Supply Chain & Labor Practices: 

We’re not entirely sure where their products are manufactured and will be reaching out to check.

Green Business Practices: 

B3NTH is working towards carbon neutrality. Currently, they offset all TENCEL™ products.

Purchasing a pair of their ethical men’s underwear supports causes in wind power, forest preservation, and clean drinking water.


Athletes come in all sizes, so eco friendly underwear should too. Sizing is XXS-2XL.

Available: B3NTH

5. TBô

A Brief Review of 9 Ethical Mens Underwear Brands #ethicalmensunderwear #bestethicalmensunderwear #ethicalunderwearformen #ethicalmensunderwearbrands #sustainablemensunderwear #ecofriendlymensunderwear #sustainablejungle Images by TBô
Images by TBô

About TBô

Do you want a hand in creating your own jewel-supporting undergarments?

Well, the US sustainable men’s underwear brand, TBô is the em-boody-ment of community-run.

Join the 400,000+ “Tribesmen” and become part of the best ethical mens underwear brands to co-create products via surveys to design the ultimate fitting underwear.

Choose from boxer-briefs, trunks, and briefs.

TBô’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Their environmentally friendly mens underwear is made from 95% bamboo viscose paired with spandex.

We don’t know details on their bamboo manufacturing (we’ll be asking) but we do know they’re OEKO-TEX certified meaning they’ve been tested for residual chemical content.

Supply Chain & Labor Practices: 

TBô is BSCI-certified, meaning the working conditions and employee care are third-party audited. 

The founders personally visit all suppliers to confirm health standards and worker rights are upheld. 

Green Business Practices:

Your goods will arrive in recyclable and biodegradable cardstock and without miscellaneous, wasteful garment tags.


Sizes XS- 2XL are on offer. 

Community & Charitable Giving:

The Tribe (i.e. you) determines what non-profits to contribute 1% of all sales to. 

They also engage with emergency relief organizations to provide underwear (what they believe is a human right) to those most in need.

Available: TBô

6. Cariloha

A Brief Review of 9 Ethical Mens Underwear Brands #ethicalmensunderwear #bestethicalmensunderwear #ethicalunderwearformen #ethicalmensunderwearbrands #sustainablemensunderwear #ecofriendlymensunderwear #sustainablejungle Images by Cariloha
Images by Cariloha

About Cariloha

Say aloha to the Caribbean inspired sustainable US men’s underwear company, Cariloha.

And don’t be put off by their prickly pineapple logo as these ethical men’s underwear are anything but(t).

Name aside, their solid and printed bamboo-tiful underwear options have us daydreaming of a hammock-swinging snooze.

Don’t forget the matching bamboo socks, bamboo pajamas, and other apparel, bed, and bath goodies.

Cariloha’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


The sustainable bamboo fabric isn’t just soft and breezy but safely made in a closed loop process with GOTS-approved solvents. . 

It’s blended with only 5% spandex.

Supply Chain & Labor Practices: 

Cariloha has their own bamboo farm in the Sichuan Province of China. 

Fair Trade certified, they work with suppliers and factories in Turkey, China, and the U.S. to ensure fair pay and working conditions.

Green Business Practices:

Boasting CertiPur-US, OEKO-TEX, and GOTS certifications, Cariloha isn’t messing around with their natural materials. 

They partner with Sustainable Forest Initiative and Forest Stewardship Council for sustainable packaging and boxes in their shipping process. 

Community & Charitable Giving:

To fight deforestation in Mindanao, they work with One Tree Planted to help revive ecosystems and regenerate soil. 

Donate $1 at checkout and one bamboo tree will be planted. 


Standard sizing for these comfortable bamboo men’s underwear is S–2XL.

Available: Cariloha

7. tentree

A Brief Review of 9 Ethical Mens Underwear Brands #ethicalmensunderwear #bestethicalmensunderwear #ethicalunderwearformen #ethicalmensunderwearbrands #sustainablemensunderwear #ecofriendlymensunderwear #sustainablejungle Images by tentree
Images by tentree

About tentree

What brand plants ten trees for every item purchased? 

That would be tentree.

This Canadian ethical men’s underwear company guarantees a saving of 60.12 liters of water and 0.43 kg of CO2 for each pair of briefs made compared to the industry standard.

tentree’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Their various briefs feature TENCEL™ & REFIBRA™ Lyocell, a high-stretch fabric made with upcycled cotton scraps, 3% elastane, and organic cotton.

Supply Chain & Labor Practices:

As a Certified B Corp, transparency is key. tentree publishes their factory ledger on their website detailing the standards of garment production and working conditions.

Their certifications include Fair Wear Foundation, SA8000, WRAP, Fair Trade, and/or BSCI.

Green Business Practices

Carbon Neutral Certified, they’re dedicated to eliminating single-use plastic, using biodegradable, post-consumer recycled mailers whilst seeking to transition to a compostable solution. 

All tags are 100% FSC recyclable. 


Canada’s best sustainable men’s underwear come in S to XXL sizes, and we love seeing their ethnically diverse models. 

Community & charitable giving:

tentree’s goal is to plant 1 billion trees by 2030 by planting ten trees for every order. 

The planting projects support communities with jobs, reforestation of land, and ecological restoration.

They have monthly subscription options for offsetting your own carbon footprint with things like travel, deliveries, and more.

Available: tentree

8. Patagonia

A Brief Review of 9 Ethical Mens Underwear Brands #ethicalmensunderwear #bestethicalmensunderwear #ethicalunderwearformen #ethicalmensunderwearbrands #sustainablemensunderwear #ecofriendlymensunderwear #sustainablejungle Images by Patagonia
Images by Patagonia

About Patagonia

Founded by legendary rock climber, Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia is one of the most respected brands in the world of eco-sportswear.

Recognized for its range of sustainable outdoor clothing such as jackets, swimwear, and activewear, the foundation for comfort and breathability begins underneath it all with their sustainable men’s underwear.

Patagonia’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Boasting an extensive array of natural and certified organic materials, their essential eco underwear is made with TENCEL™ Lyocell and 5% spandex.

The Sender briefs use recycled spandex micromesh (11%) and nylon with added HeiQ® Pure odor control.

Supply Chain & Labor Practices:

As a Certified B Corp and Fair Trade Certified company, details about the impact of an item are standard on every product page including the location it was made and the exact materials used.

They also have programs through Living Wage and Fair Labor Association to ensure adequate workplace practices.

Green Business Practices:

The Worn Wear program encourages a circular economy and accepts used Patagonia items to resell or responsibly recycle. They also have a lifetime repair guarantee.

They participate in and support two Regenerative Organic Certified™ pilots in food and apparel initiatives.

All US energy needs are supplied by 100% renewable energy.


Men’s sizes run XS – 3XL with extended sizes up to 4XL.

They consciously employ POC and work with Native American activists to protect sacred land from short-sighted legislation.

Community & charitable giving:

Ambassadors that are a part of the Global Sports Activists campaign use their roles within their sports communities to drive environmental and social change. 

1% for the Planet is a movement and commitment by like-minded businesses to protect our natural environment.

From general political climate activism to creating a community involvement tool called Action Works, Patagonia in pata-going places.


9. Mighty Good Basics

A Brief Review of 9 Ethical Mens Underwear Brands #ethicalmensunderwear #bestethicalmensunderwear #ethicalunderwearformen #ethicalmensunderwearbrands #sustainablemensunderwear #ecofriendlymensunderwear #sustainablejungle Images by Mighty Good Basics
Images by Mighty Good Basics

About Mighty Good Basics:

Mighty Good Basics and sustainable practices are mighty good mates. 

Producing ethical underwear made in Australia, this company is an expert in supporting your “‘down under”’ region (and the environment) with their trunks, boxer-briefs, and briefs. 

Mighty Good Basics’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Fair Trade and a GOTS certification is no easy feat, but MGB maintains strict standards around the organic cotton that makes up 95% of each skivvy used in their garments. 

The other 5% is elastane, and they only use AZO-free dyes.

GOTS certification guarantees a positive impact on the environment, workers, and long lasting products for customers.

Supply Chain & Labor Practices: 

The health and wellbeing of MGB’s employees is a top priority for this sustainable men’s underwear brand. 

Their website provides detailed, transparent information on all of their suppliers and dives deeply into the specifics of what is available to their employees. 

For instance, their cotton mill in Rajlaskhim provides life-changing access to education, free transportation, and discounted meals, above minimum wage, with 12% rental supplementation, and medical insurance for them and their families. 

Green Business Practices: 

While MGB is still working on a recycling program for their ethical underwear, they are still ahead of the hip curve with green eco-conscious innovations during the manufacturing process.

They use reverse osmosis purification plants that allow them to recycle and reuse water. Another wonderfully implemented technique is the burning of rice husks (normally waste) for steam creation instead of fossil fuels.

Lastly, they have a campaign called Bare For Good that does interviews with Australian change-makers to spark the conversation on how we relate to our clothes and where they come from.


Sizing for ethical men’s underwear are XS- XXL.

Community & charitable giving:

Their Bare For Good campaign interviews Australian change-makers to spark conversation on the importance of how we relate to our clothes and where they come from.

Available: Mighty Good Basics

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How We Found The Best Ethical Mens Underwear

Interested in getting under(wear) the surface of what it truly means to be a sustainable brand? 

Visit our article on sustainable and ethical fashion to understand, in depth, the criteria we look for.


When seeking sustainable fabrics for environmentally friendly men’s underwear, sustainable men’s activewear and men’s eco-friendly swimwear, we ask ourselves a few things.

Is it renewable? Made with natural materials? Grown without chemical inputs? Have low-impact on the environment? If yes, then it’s for us. 

That means we saw a lot of organic cotton, along with semi-synthetics like TENCEL lyocell fabric, modal fabric, and bamboo fabric.

Virgin elastane or spandex is still somewhat unavoidable if we want some stretch to our skivvies, but ensuring it’s less than 10% means the garment can still be composted.

Supply Chain & Labor Practices:

No ifs, and, or but(t)s, brands demanding transparency on the treatment and working conditions of their employees are changing the game to avoid the likes of another Rana Plaza collapse. 

Industry wide standards are put in place for safety and health, and companies can seek certifications that speak to their transparency and production practices, from farm to customer. 

Green Business Practices: 

Brands who actively care and set out to reduce their carbon footprint are stepping up and taking responsibility for their company’s impact on the environment. 

Going with energy and water conscious manufacturing, supporting carbon offset programs, making packaging recyclable and compostable, and having garment take-back programs are just a few ways brands can kick climate change’s butt!


Body-positive brands showing off their diverse models sporting bootyful bottoms’ turn our heads.

Community & Charitable Giving:

Nothing feels better than knowing your hard-earned dollars are going to a worthy cause (and maybe a pair of ASKET’s Egyptian cotton underwear, at the same time). 

From monetary or physical donations to life-changing internship programs, we should all be inspired to do more, one purchase at a time.

Final Thoughts On Sustainable Mens Underwear

We want to make sure our butts are covered when making decisions that impact the health of our skin and our planet. 

Granted, underwear is often an afterthought, but since no-one really ‘sees it’, how harmful can it be, really? 

But like climate change, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t important. 

Support the world by supporting yourself with better quality, longer lasting ethical mens underwear, and spread the word on your journey to a sustainable wardrobe.

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A Brief Review of 9 Ethical Mens Underwear Brands #ethicalmensunderwear #bestethicalmensunderwear #ethicalunderwearformen #ethicalmensunderwearbrands #sustainablemensunderwear #ecofriendlymensunderwear #sustainablejungle Image by B3NTH
A Brief Review of 9 Ethical Mens Underwear Brands #ethicalmensunderwear #bestethicalmensunderwear #ethicalunderwearformen #ethicalmensunderwearbrands #sustainablemensunderwear #ecofriendlymensunderwear #sustainablejungle Image by Allbirds

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