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9 American-Made Womens Clothing For No Sweat Shopping Image by Sustainable Jungle #americanmadewomensclothing #americanmadewomensclothesbrands #madeinamericawomensclothing #usawomensclothing #womensamericanmadeclothing #womensmadeinamericaclothing #sustainablejungle
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9 American-Made Womens Clothing For No Sweat Shopping

Hailey Carrillo

Ahh, the USA.

The land of freedom, fireworks, and …. fashion imports?

Last year alone, US imports of textiles and apparel reached a whopping $132.201 billion, a 16% increase from the year prior.

So, where are most of your clothes made?

In developing countries that can produce the same apparel, but at much cheaper cost.

This means fast fashion brands are saving big bucks at the low low price of a high carbon footprint and human exploitation.

Yeah, we’re not fans of that.

The only sweatshops we support are for sustainable sweatpants.

We don’t want to tees you any longer, so without further ado, here’s a list of our favorite American-made women’s clothing brands.

So, what women’s clothing is made in America?

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The Best Women’s Clothing Made in the USA

MATE’s clothing, for starters. Not only is their affordable women’s clothing made in the USA, but it’s actually all made locally in Los Angeles, keeping their carbon footprint small.

Christy Dawn specializes exclusively in women’s clothing made in America. Made of either regenerative organic cotton or reclaimed deadstock, their dreamy boho garments are both super sustainable and super stylish.

For our outdoor adventurers, Outerknown stocks the best women’s outdoor clothing. Whether that be functional outerwear for a fall hike or good quality swimwear for a summer surf sesh.

Dig to the bottom of the drawer to find out our criteria (manufacturing location aside) for picking these American-made clothing brands for women.

The Full List Of American-Made Women’s Clothes Brands

1. MATE the Label

9 American-Made Womens Clothing For No Sweat Shopping Images by Sustainable Jungle #americanmadewomensclothing #americanmadewomensclothesbrands #madeinamericawomensclothing #usawomensclothing #womensamericanmadeclothing #womensmadeinamericaclothing #sustainablejungle
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About MATE The Label

Price Range: $15–$268

Don’t let the name fool you; MATE the Label supplies strictly USA-made women’s clothes (no Australian imports in sight). 

The women-owned organic clothing brand is on a mission to clean up the fashion industry, one garment at a time. That is with non-toxic and organic tees, tanks, sweatshirts, bottoms, and more. 

In their words, “Comfort goes beyond ridiculously soft fabrics. It’s about taking comfort in the fact that our clean essentials are safe for your health and the environment.”

To add a little pop of color to your cozy fall wardrobe, don’t miss out on the oversized lounge and activewear staples in the Cinnamon + Chamomile.

MATE The Label’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Organic cotton—ranging from lightweight jersey to heavyweight fleece knits—is the forerunner in their women’s apparel.

They also use TENCEL™ lyocell, linen, and hemp, all of which are free from 31 chemicals and 49 dye substances.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The embodiment of what we want to see from women’s clothing brands made in America, all goods are knitted, cut, sewn, and dyed in Los Angeles in factories within a 17-mile radius of company headquarters.

Each factory abides by a Code of Conduct which ensures workers are paid fair wages and worker fair hours. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

MATE offers a garment recycling program that incorporates recycled items into new ladies clothing made in the USA. They also utilize cutting scraps from their factories. 

Based on Science Aligned Emission Reductions Targets with Climate Neutral, the brand is invested in verified carbon offset projects with the goal of eventually reducing emissions without the use of offsets. 


Sizes for most of their American-made women’s clothes range from XS to XL. 

Community & charitable giving:

Not only do they donate monetary value to various organizations, but the team also participates in local community efforts, such as tree planting and volunteering at commercial composting facilities.

2. Nube

9 American-Made Womens Clothing For No Sweat Shopping Images by Sustainable Jungle #americanmadewomensclothing #americanmadewomensclothesbrands #madeinamericawomensclothing #usawomensclothing #womensamericanmadeclothing #womensmadeinamericaclothing #sustainablejungle
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About Nube

Price Range: $55–$110

If all the plain prints and minimalist tones are boring you, Nube is the wacky women’s made-in-America clothes you are looking for. 

A stand-out from the other brands we’ve featured, their eccentric sustainable activewear and yoga wear is perfect for those who love patterns—either in matching top and bottom sets, or for those who want to mix and match.

Desert rats at heart, our favorite is the Cactus pattern, which we have in both the Artifact Crop Tank and Siotes Bike Short.

While they feature their fair share of prints, there are plenty of neutrals on the racks, too.

Nube’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Recycled fabrics are incorporated into the majority of their women’s clothing made in the USA, specifically recycled polyester and cotton. 

All sustainable dyes are non-toxic, low-impact, and lead free. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The Nube sewing studio is located in East Los Angeles. Most of their clothing is made in the studio, save a few pieces that are outsourced to other West Coast studios.

Manufacturers comply with the highest standards of fair-wages and ethical working conditions.

Some fabrics come from overseas, though they are actively sourcing for local suppliers to replace their imported materials.


If you’re looking for American-made plus-size women’s clothing, they offer XXS to XXXL sizes.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Nube partners with local USA crafters to transform fabric scraps into something new. In order to minimize the amount of initial waste produced, the brand prioritizes patterns with minimal scraps.

They are working on a take back program that will give preloved Nubes a second chance at life.

All shipping materials are plastic-free, made in the USA, and 100% recycled and recyclable.

3. The Classic T-Shirt Co.

9 American-Made Womens Clothing For No Sweat Shopping Images by Sustainable Jungle #americanmadewomensclothing #americanmadewomensclothesbrands #madeinamericawomensclothing #usawomensclothing #womensamericanmadeclothing #womensmadeinamericaclothing #sustainablejungle
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About The Classic T-Shirt Co. 

Price Range: $64–$118

The Classic T-Shirt Co. is the made-in-America women’s clothing brand that specializes in…well…classic women’s tees.

That is, short and long sleeve crew and V-neck women’s tops perfect for everyday wear. Classic, timeless, and available in up to 17 different colors (style dependent).

Our favorite is the Unisex French Terry Box Tee, which is made of luxurious organic sweatshirt fabric and looks just as nice as it feels to wear.

The best thing about their organic cotton t-shirts is that they never really go out of style, meaning conscious fashion consumption is the baseline for each purchase.

Since they are so versatile, they can be accessorized with just about any vegan handbag.

The Classic T-Shirt Co.’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Not only are their styles simple, but so are their materials. 

100% GOTS-certified organic cotton (classic or french terry) is the only fabric used for their tees!

They come pre-shrunk, meaning you won’t have to worry about your eco-friendly washing machine coughing up a shriveled shirt ever again.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The American clothing brand’s supply chain is based in Los Angeles, California where their workers are paid over minimum wage standards based on Fair Trade principles. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Per their plastic-free shipping policy, all orders come in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. 


Their women’s tops made in the USA range from size XXS to XXL.

Community & charitable giving:

They have pledged 1% of their sales to organizations they care about, including those working towards safe water, tree planting, and ocean cleanups.

4. Outerknown

9 American-Made Womens Clothing For No Sweat Shopping Images by Sustainable Jungle #americanmadewomensclothing #americanmadewomensclothesbrands #madeinamericawomensclothing #usawomensclothing #womensamericanmadeclothing #womensmadeinamericaclothing #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Outerknown

Price Range: $14–$398

Outerknown is an inner known secret when it comes to women’s clothing made in the USA.

Specializing in sustainable outdoor clothing, they are your one-stop-shop for outerwear, sweatshirts, swimwear, and just about any other piece of outerwear you’ll need to reach that summit sustainably.

After the adventure is done, they also have everyday casual wear to get comfy and recover—like our favorite pair of sweatpants ever, the Established Sweatpants. The buttery fabric is out of this world cozy!

Outerknown’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The American clothing brand keeps a sustainability scorecard on all of their fabrics.

Top choices they try to utilize are organic cotton, hemp, recycled cotton, and wool, though you’ll also find some lyocell and recycled synthetics.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Outerknown works with two Certified B Corp suppliers and ensures every supplier prioritizes and respects human rights based on Fair Labor Association standards, of which they are members.

They are so proud of their standards that they trace 100% of their supply chain.

Committed to supporting Regenerative Organic Certified ™ practices, they have converted over 28 acres of farmland to ROCTM.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Via Outworn, the American women’s clothing brand keeps preloved styles in the loop. They also partner with various local organizations that repurpose waste.

They have eight facilities running on renewable resources.


Shirts range from XS to XXL, pants from sizes 0 to 12, and sustainable jeans from sizes 24 to 32.

Community and Charitable Giving:

In addition to a regular giving partnership with Ocean Conservancy, they have donated to various natural disaster relief programs, including those supporting relief for wildfires.

5. Harvest & Mill

9 American-Made Womens Clothing For No Sweat Shopping Images by Harvest & Mill #americanmadewomensclothing #americanmadewomensclothesbrands #madeinamericawomensclothing #usawomensclothing #womensamericanmadeclothing #womensmadeinamericaclothing #sustainablejungle
Images by Harvest & Mill

About Harvest & Mill

Price Range: $12–$132

As one of our favorite sustainable basics brands, Harvest & Mill is naturally one of our favorites for American-made women’s clothing.

They’ve got “grown and sewn in the USA” shirts, pants, and sustainable socks that are sure to knock your current socks off. 

These simple stylings and casual clothing basics—like their organic shorts—are so versatile, you can wear them to bed, to the gym, and everywhere in between.

Harvest & Mill’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


All of their women’s apparel is made with low-impact organic cotton—which is also American grown!

Bleaches, synthetic chemical finishes, and toxic dyes are never used. 

Many of their garments are made from heirloom cottons that naturally grow brown, green, and red. Otherwise, the fabric is dyed by hand with organically grown dye materials.

Their entire collection of ladies clothing is cruelty-free, vegan, and PETA-approved. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Made-in-USA to a tee, wvery single step of their supply chain is based in the U.S., from their organic farms to their sewing factories. Their raw materials never cross international boundaries.

They only work with small and independent farms, factories, and mills. Each is regularly visited to ensure workers’ guarantees are legally enforced.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

100% of the manufacturing process is offset through reforestation efforts and investments in renewable energy sources.

All packaging is recyclable, easily biodegradable, and made in the USA.

Patterns are designed to reduce product waste, and all scrap fabric is repurposed.


Women’s apparel ranges from XS–XL.

6. Christy Dawn

9 American-Made Womens Clothing For No Sweat Shopping Images by Christy Dawn #americanmadewomensclothing #americanmadewomensclothesbrands #madeinamericawomensclothing #usawomensclothing #womensamericanmadeclothing #womensmadeinamericaclothing #sustainablejungle
Images by Christy Dawn

About Christy Dawn

Price Range: $58–$398

Christy Dawn knows a thing or two about cute women’s clothes made in the USA.

Particularly, sustainable dresses

They have over 100 different dresses, featuring flouncy silhouettes, floral prints, lace up bodies, or all of the above!

For a timeless classic, we recommend The Dawn Dress.

The simple midi dress was the first piece Christy ever designed, and remains one of their best-selling dresses to date. The v-neck snap closure and adjustable drawstring waist makes it the perfect fit for all body types and occasions.

Christy Dawn’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Their dresses and other clothing items are made from upcycled deadstock fabrics, organic cotton, and cotton grown through regenerative agriculture.

They recently started incorporating regenerative alpaca in their Farm-to-Closet collection.

Supply chain & labor practices:

All items are made in Los Angeles based factories.

The bulk of their deadstock fabrics are sourced in Los Angeles while their organic cottons are farmed in India.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

They support land stewardship via community supported regeneration.

You invest $200 to cover the cost of regeneratively grown cotton which Christy Dawn will later buy back from you via store credit.


Their extended sizing collection features made-in-America plus-size women’s clothing from 1X to 3X.

They also have a petites collection made with shorter lengths and smaller proportions. 

Community & charitable giving:

They support their local community by supporting grassroots ventures on food access, environmentalism, and more.

7. Vitamin A

9 American-Made Womens Clothing For No Sweat Shopping Images by Vitamin A #americanmadewomensclothing #americanmadewomensclothesbrands #madeinamericawomensclothing #usawomensclothing #womensamericanmadeclothing #womensmadeinamericaclothing #sustainablejungle
Images by Vitamin A

About Vitamin A

Price Range: $60–$250

Lather on that zero waste sunscreen and prepare to get that vital Vitamin D with one of our go to sustainable swimwear brands.

Vitamin A has a sea of iconic swimwear pieces to choose from, both one-piece and bikinis alike.

Whether you want it to keep it simple with the likes of the super-soft ribbed Sienna Top or prefer your bikinis with more straps, Vitamin A has A-Z options.

You can also find beach worthy swimsuits and knitwear made in the USA.

Vitamin A’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Most of their swimwear features unique blends of recycled nylon, as seen in their EcoLux, EcoRib, and Eco Metallic materials.

You’ll also find sustainably-sourced linen, GOTS-certified organic cotton, TENCEL, and patented plant-based BioSculpt. 

All materials bear OEKO-TEX certification.

Supply chain & labor practices:

With an almost entirely California-based supply chain, Vitamin A must adhere to the strictest environmental laws in the nation. 

All factories are visited regularly to ensure business standards are being met and maintained.

For clothing items that cannot be made in California (which includes their woven goods and accessories), the shop partners with fair-trade artisans that provide women with fair wage jobs and safe working conditions.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Their production process is geared towards reducing waste and energy, which is why they use vertically integrated facilities whenever possible. 

Their headquarters and warehouse are equipped with LED-lighting, solar cooling fans, low-flow water fixtures, and ENERGY-STAR appliances as part of their mission to reduce overall environmental footprint.

Mailers are 100% recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable and bags are backyard compostable. 


All body types are beach bodies, and Vitamin A knows that best. 

Swimwear tops are available in XS to DD while swimsuit bottoms and one-pieces are available in XS to XL (they run small, however, so we’d say inclusivity could use some work).

Community & charitable giving:

As members of 1% For The Planet, they partner with various organizations working to protect our oceans.

8. Minimalist

9 American-Made Womens Clothing For No Sweat Shopping Images by Minimalist #americanmadewomensclothing #americanmadewomensclothesbrands #madeinamericawomensclothing #usawomensclothing #womensamericanmadeclothing #womensmadeinamericaclothing #sustainablejungle
Images by Minimalist

About Minimalist

Price Range: $198–$995

If you’re looking for women’s clothing brands made in the USA that are suitable for a minimalist’s wardrobe, it’s a no-brainer to check out Minimalist

The luxury fashion brand specializes in the essentials: tees, pants, dresses, jumpsuits, and jackets. 

Staying true to their name, they offer only a few options in each collection—a total of no more than 30 clothing items at a time. 

As expected, the shop is full of timeless design elements, like black and white palettes and denim apparel.

Minimalist’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The women’s American-made clothing brand focuses on sustainable fabrics like EcoVero, biodegradable TENCEL™ jersey, organic cotton, and recycled Italian velour.

All are certified to the highest standards in terms of hazardous chemicals, organic materials, sustainable forestry, and safe working conditions.

Their trims uphold the same standards. Their elastic is crafted from organic cotton and biodegradable rubber while inter linings are made from GRS certified post-consumer recycled materials.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Though materials are sourced abroad, garments are manufactured locally in NYC to support local farmers and garment district jobs.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Designed for a circular business model, all clothing items are biodegradable and recyclable and the brand partners with FabScrap NYC to recycle any scrap materials for prototypes.

Garment bags are fully compostable, and packaging fluff is made from 100% PCR paper.


All clothing ranges from sizes XS to L.

Community & charitable giving:

This ethical clothing brand has led fundraisers to support individuals suffering from the Ukraine war and Maui wildfires.

9. Whimsy + Row

9 American-Made Womens Clothing For No Sweat Shopping Images by Whimsy + Row #americanmadewomensclothing #americanmadewomensclothesbrands #madeinamericawomensclothing #usawomensclothing #womensamericanmadeclothing #womensmadeinamericaclothing #sustainablejungle
Images by Whimsy + Row

About Whimsy + Row

Price Range: $36–$398

When it comes to American-made clothing for women, Whimsy + Row is one of our go-to American apparel all-rounders.

They have everything you need for your whimsical wardrobe, all the way from socks and underwear to sustainable wedding dresses.

Their comfy USA-made women’s clothing items are sewn in small batches, with gingham prints, florals, and linens in all their greatness. Adorably chic styles that are the perfect intersection between cozy, cute, and conscious.

If you’re looking for versatility, we recommend their Sidney Dress. With detachable sleeves and straps, the smocked body linen midi dress gives you three dresses for the price of one.

Whimsy + Row Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Low impact fabrics like certified organic cotton, linen, TENCEL™, Cupro Silk, and deadstock are commonly used for their made-in-the-USA clothing.

Always looking for the most sustainable option, the company spent years searching for an alternative to viscose that didn’t rely on deadstock. They now use Grisocare, a blend of ECOVERO™ viscose derived from certified renewable wood sources. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The American-made women’s clothing brand prioritizes ethical production over mass production.

Small but mighty, you can learn about their entire team on their website. Every factory is listed with their size, location, pay, benefits, and materials.

All clothing is made within miles of their West Los Angeles office, meaning weekly factory visits are routine.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

In efforts to become part of the zero waste movement, fabric scraps are turned into cute accessories like bandanas, bucket hats, and scrunchies. 

They also have their very own resale platform for pre-loved pieces named Wear It Again Whimsy


Most clothing items come in XS to XL.

Community & charitable giving:

Once a month, their community comes together to participate in beach clean-ups, plant trees, and donate food to women in need.

The socially conscious fashion company also regularly donate to organizations dedicated to climate change, equal rights, fair wages, feeding the hungry, and fair wages.

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How We Choose The Best Made-In-America Women’s Clothing

Making made-in-USA women’s clothing was obviously a big criterion for this list.

But it’s not the only thing we looked for.

We also wanted these brands to qualify as eco-friendly clothing brands, which is why we used our sustainable fashion criteria to seek the following:


When we say women’s clothes brands made in America, we mean every component is ideally made in the USA. 

Shipping fabrics large distances from developing countries is just as bad as shipping the actual finished products. Locally-sourced, sustainable fabrics, like those used by these ethical knitwear brands, are the move here.

Supply chain & labor practices:

This one should be obvious: we want our supply chain to be based in the USA. 

Additionally, we look for fair working conditions and above minimum-wage pay for all employees, because doing the minimum simply doesn’t cut it for us.


The USA is a melting pot of diversity, so there is no reason why only one body or background should be represented. Extended sizing and flexible payment plans ensure everyone is included.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Domestic manufacturing is a HUGE way to curb supply chain emissions, but we also look for things like carbon offset programs, renewable energy use, emission measuring and reduction plans, plastic-free shipping, and garment recycling programs.

Community & charitable giving: 

How a company chooses to support the community speaks volumes to us.

Final Thoughts On American-Made Clothes For Women

In the land of the free, purchasing power is the single greatest weapon we have for making change.

Especially in a country where the fashion industry is so influential.

By opting to buy American-made women’s clothing items you are casting a vote for cleaner fashion with better working conditions and lower carbon emissions (of course, that only applies if you are currently residing in the USA).

As always, let us know what other brands deserve to be on the list and share our picks with your fellow American fashionistas.

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