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Podcast #67 · Jenny Hu · Female Founded Tech For Sustainable Fashion

“We want this to be a tool for people who have similar beliefs in that what they do and what they buy has an impact on the industry itself and this technology is a vector that can make that happen.

Jenny Hu

Jenny Hu is the CPO and co-founder of SHADE by SHADY.CLUB, an online tool for finding sustainable fashion. With a background in building technology with an emphasis on human experiences and behavior, Jenny has spent the last two years building SHADE to empower consumers to choose sustainable choices when it comes to their fashion habits. 

SHADY.CLUB was founded with a desire to “stick it to The Man (otherwise known as fast fashion)” and currently offers their first product (SHADE) in Beta: A simple but powerful Chrome extension that integrates visual search into a fashion customer’s shopping journey by suggesting similar, more sustainable alternatives.

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“We want to change the industry and our vision to do it is [through] making it easy to shop sustainable wherever you are online”

Jenny Hu

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