Finding Happiness In Clean Water & Social Business with Philip Wilson on the Sustainable Jungle Podcast #sustainablejungle

Podcast #18 · Philip Wilson · Finding Happiness In Clean Water & Social Business

“Our nature is to be givers. When you’re not a giver and you’re just an accumulator, you live a life full of anxiety and potential depression because you are fighting your true nature of being generous and serving others.”

Philip Wilson

Philip Wilson is a serial entrepreneur, who, having been successful in business in the USA and Guatemala, sought meaning and purpose in his life and turned his hand to social entrepreneurship. He built Ecofiltro into a profitable business that serves clean water to the rural poor of Guatemala. Philip also mentors other social enterprises who focus on building financially sustainable businesses and have “doing good” at their core. He now lives in Antigua, Guatemala and also runs an organic coffee farm!

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We visited Philip at the Ecofiltro factory in Antigua, Guatemala, enjoyed an organic lunch, did a tour of the sustainable, solar powered factory and were inspired + excited by the following:

  • Philip’s background, born in Guatemala, growing up around the world, early success and finding purpose (~01:15)
  • Because Guatemala does not have the cleanest water in the world, Philip was introduced to the world of water, which led to this incredible invention (which purifies water) and how Ecofiltro was born as a social enterprise (~03:40)
  • The Ecofiltro business model, challenges and successes (~09:40)
  • Impact to date across Guatemala (~13:15)
  • Philip’s thoughts on his transition from traditional entrepreneurship (and being an accumulator) to social entrepreneurship (and being a giver) (~15:40)
  • Explaining Philip’s signature: “The purpose of life is a life of purpose” (~20:00)
  • The Ecofiltro product, the inventor, the importance of cultural acceptance and global use of the technology (~22:30)
  • Ecofiltro urban sales channels, donating to schools and rural access (~27:00)
  • Environmental impact of the Ecofiltro re plastic bottles and saving trees (~29:30)
  • Sustainable manufacturing process of the Ecofiltro factory (~31:40)
  • Stories of impact and changing peoples’ lives (~33:30)
  • Social entrepreneurship scene in Guatemala including access to energy and clean cook stoves (~36:55)
  • Role of social enterprises vs government and corporates (~38:00)
  • Philip’s contribution to mentoring other social enterprises in Guatemala (~39:20)
  • Using the Ecofiltro technology around the world and the mentorship and support Ecofiltro provides (~41:50)
  • Role of consumers in making change happen in society (~43:15)
  • Social enterprises that Philip is really excited about (~44:55)
  • What’s next for Ecofiltro in 2018, including a new Ecofiltro model (~47:50)
  • The Ecofiltro team, their passion for what they do and the result of having an underlying social purpose (~49:45)
  • Ecofiltro’s approach to taking care of their employees (~51:00)
  • Philip’s typical advice to his social entrepreneurship mentees (~52:00)

“Business for good is powerful. The future of business will look more like a social enterprise. In fact, people in 20 years, will look back and say – ‘your company was just around to make money, how weird, how did it contribute positively to the world?’”

Philip Wilson

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Philip  Wilson

Finding Happiness In Clean Water & Social Business with Philip Wilson on the Sustainable Jungle Podcast #sustainablejungle

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