We’re SUPER EXCITED because this is our very first episode of our new series: GLOBAL CHANGEMAKERS, where we interview inspiring people who are passionate about making change for the better!

Cue: Bonné de Bod, the award winning filmmaker and presenter, who together with Susan Scott produced (over the course of 4 years!!!) the hard hitting documentary STROOP: Journey Into the Rhino Horn War.

We take a look at the rhino poaching problem and what viewers can expect from the film.

Huge thanks to Bonné, Susan and STROOP: Journey into the Rhino Horn War for letting us use some of their precious footage in this video (Look for the © STROOP on the relevant shots)


Support STROOP: To download a digital copy and support Bonné and Susan’s INCREDIBLE effort to raise awareness see here.

The Sustainable Jungle Podcast interview with Bonné: During our interview in Johannesburg’s We met up with Bonné in the Walter Sisulu Gardens, Bonné gave us the STROOP scoop:

  • what is South Africa’s rhino horn problem and why is it getting worse?
  • initiatives to stop it, like the Black Mambas, an all female anti-poaching unit
  • Dr. Jane Goodall on the community connections between the rhino horn problem and apartheid
  • “be the change” (i.e. what we can all do to help)

STROOP: Journey Into the Rhino Horn War:

Bonné de Bod:



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