Welcome back to another episode of GLOBAL CHANGEMAKERS.

This time we’re catching up with Daniel and Sara Bustamante, founders of Peru Eco Expeditions, an ecotourism company based in Cusco, Peru that specialize in luxury, customized and sustainable expeditions,

We spent some time expeditioning with Sara and Daniel in the Andes and in the jungle and these guys are true eco-warriors and experts on sustainable tourism and sustainable travel.

We learned a ton and had an absolute blast!


Peru Eco Expeditions: They come incredibly highly recommended (by us and many others!)

The Sustainable Jungle Podcast interview with Daniel and Sara: We sat down in the Amazon Cloud forest next to a gorgeous waterfall at the end of almost a week together and captured the essence of what we spent most of our trip time talking about:

    • the importance of connecting to nature
    • tourism as a double-edged sword
    • how to be a sustainable tourist
    • why the Peruvian Amazon Cloud Forest is such an important and special place
    • what you can do to make the world a better place

10 Sustainable Travel Tips For The Eco-Conscious Traveler

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Sustainable Jungle Global Changemakers - Sara and Daniel Bustamante - Sustainable Travel in Peru
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