We thought our modest zero waste plan might be worth sharing, considering so many people are getting excited about reducing their waste but may be a little overwhelmed/intimidated by the waste jars of the Zero Waste Elite! #zerowasteplan #guidetogoingzerowaste #sustainablejungle

Zero Waste Plan: A Beginner’s Guide To Zero Waste

We are now back from our travels and are putting some serious thought into how we design our lives from here. One key aspect of this will be designing our own waste management system and re-setting our zero waste ambitions…

Zero Waste Vs Recycling #zerowaste #recycling

Zero Waste Versus Recycling: What’s The Difference?

Zero Waste is not the same as recycling. It’s a much much bigger concept. It’s the goal or strategy to completely eliminate waste, not manage it. It addresses the source of the problem, creating a circular economy or “cradle to cradle” approach. In contrast, recycling focuses on the garbage problem itself at the end of an item’s short or single-use life – it’s the solution to the traditional linear or “cradle to grave” system that has come to be the norm today. On a practical level, Zero Waste means no waste is ever created because the single-use or short-term item is replaced with a product which is designed to last and with the purpose of being able to be reused, repaired and/or recycled over and over again