9 Organic Face Creams & Moisturizers For Your Low-Impact Lotion Needs Image by Sustainable Jungle #organicfacecream #bestorganicfacecreams #naturalorganicfacecream #organicfacemoisturizer #organicfacialmoisturizer #bestorganicfacemoisturizers #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
9 Organic Face Creams & Moisturizers For Your Low-Impact Lotion Needs Image by Sustainable Jungle #organicfacecream #bestorganicfacecreams #naturalorganicfacecream #organicfacemoisturizer #organicfacialmoisturizer #bestorganicfacemoisturizers #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

9 Organic Face Creams & Moisturizers For Your Low-Impact Lotion Needs

Want your skin feeling smooth as a baby’s bottom—but not at the expense of people and the planet?

Organic face creams can help you save face, in both respects.

Most products are packed with skincare ingredients to avoid, like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, fragrances, and formaldehyde.

Your skin is already exposed to pollution, sun damage, and harsh weather—why add chemicals to the mix?

Besides, there should be (almost) no difference between what we put on our bodies and what we put in them. Skincare and organic makeup should be so natural you could practically eat it.

Puts a whole new meaning on body butter, doesn’t it?

That’s why we’re here to enrich your life (err…skin) with a collection of natural, organic face moisturizers.

Which organic face cream is best, though?

If you can’t face the entire article just yet, find the short list below.

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The Best Organic Face Creams For More Sustainable Skin

Andrea’s Organic Market is all about zero—zero waste, zero toxic or artificial ingredients, and zero fillers.

For those seeking the best organic face moisturizer for aging skin, Conscious Skincare combines organic and ethically-sourced ingredients into an impressive array of creams and oils for each skin type.

Or keep your choices simple with EcoRoots, who creates one of the best organic creams for the face that’s made in the USA and is completely plastic-free.

Aside from offering non-toxic face moisturizers, we want sustainable skincare brands to meet a few other criteria as well, which we elaborate on at the end of the article. Or watch our video on a summary of this below.

1. Conscious Skincare

9 Organic Face Creams & Moisturizers For Your Low-Impact Lotion Needs Image by Sustainable Jungle #organicfacecream #bestorganicfacecreams #naturalorganicfacecream #organicfacemoisturizer #organicfacialmoisturizer #bestorganicfacemoisturizers #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

Conscious Skincare’s All-Natural Organic Face Moisturizers

How about an organic anti-aging face cream or just a nightly facial oil?

Whatever your speed, Conscious Skincare has you consciously covered.

By combining organic, cold-pressed botanical oils and butters (like Fair Trade shea butter) with skin essential vitamins, their formulas repair and moisturize the dermis.

Their products are organized by skin type categories, so you can find a moisturizer to suit your skin’s needs.

Their best organic face moisturizer for oily skin, for example, is their Neutralize Day Cream. This skin balancing cream contains vitamin B to support skin renewal and lighten scarring in acne prone skin.

Leaping Bunny, PETA, Ethical Consumer, and the Vegetarian Society have all approved these products.

About Conscious Skincare

Did we mention you can also clean and hydrate your hair with Conscious Skincare’s eco-friendly toiletries.

They’re one of our favorite body wash refill brands, and likewise, their facial care products are designed to be zero waste. They come in glass jars, glass dropper bottles, or aluminum bottles, recyclable down to the aluminum lids.

The only non-recyclable component is pump tops in some, but they give you an option to order with or without. Choose “with” for your first order, then swap the pump into each subsequent refill order.

While founded out of a desire to create products that wouldn’t harm people, that compassion extends to their charitable work involving animal rescues.

2. EcoRoots

9 Organic Face Creams & Moisturizers For Your Low-Impact Lotion Needs Image by Sustainable Jungle #organicfacecream #bestorganicfacecreams #naturalorganicfacecream #organicfacemoisturizer #organicfacialmoisturizer #bestorganicfacemoisturizers #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

*Note: Most products offered by EcoRoots are palm oil-free, but their organic aloe vera face moisturizer is not.

About EcoRoot’s Organic Ultra Hydrating Face Cream

Suitable for all skin types, EcoRoots’ Rosehip natural facial moisturizer is a gentle and fast-absorbing cream for day or night use.

The mostly-organic formulation is designed to neutralize free radical oxidation, hydrate, and reduce wrinkles to leave your skin soft and smooth.

This organic aloe vera cream for faces also contains rosehip seed oil, neem oil, and other vitamin C and antioxidant-rich ingredients that don’t include fragrances, parabens, or phthalates. 

However, it does contain Ascorbyl Palmitate, which is derived from palm oil.

Or consider their non-greasy organic Whipped Body Butter utilizing mango and Kokum Butter with olive oil and cranberry seed oil if you need a little extra coverage.

Both are packaged in a reusable glass jar with a recyclable aluminum lid.

About EcoRoots

EcoRoots isn’t your average zero waste online store.

They’re also a zero waste beauty brand with an ever-expanding line of in-house skin care and hair care that’s vegan, cruelty-free, and made-in-the-USA—natural organic face creams included.

That’s on top of their cleaning products and other plastic-free reusables.

Products are housed and shipped in reusable glass or compostable materials, and they donate part of their profits to Ocean Conservancy.

Also available on Amazon

3. Andrea’s Organic Market

9 Organic Face Creams & Moisturizers For Your Low-Impact Lotion Needs Image by Andrea’s Organic Market #organicfacecream #bestorganicfacecreams #naturalorganicfacecream #organicfacemoisturizer #organicfacialmoisturizer #bestorganicfacemoisturizers #sustainablejungle
Image by Andrea’s Organic Market

*Note: Most products are vegan, but some contain honey and goat’s milk, which can be omitted on request 

About Andrea’s Organic Market’s Best Natural Face Moisturizers For Dry Skin

If you’re literally trying to save face, let Andrea’s Organic Market help with their herb-based face cream or concentrate eye serum.

Each organic non-comedogenic moisturizer joins Andrea’s other products in being chemical-free, organic, non-GMO, and free of synthetics. 

Their most essential option is the Unscented Vegan Facial Cream. Formulated with damage-repairing Shea and cocoa butters, it’s the best organic face moisturizer for dry skin or combination skin. 

Both come in glass containers that can either be reused, repurposed, recycled, or refilled.

About Andrea’s Organic Market

As a self-proclaimed “label reader”, brand namesake Andrea was shocked to find many products she thought were “natural” were anything but.

She set out to create something different, and now the Oklahoma-based brand only uses the best natural, organic, and/or fair trade ingredients in a range of zero waste skin care products.

Most products are vegan, and for those that contain honey and goat milk, she can either omit or substitute with coconut milk upon request.

They’re shipped in eco-friendly packaging: compostable packing peanuts, recycled paper labels, and plant cellulose tape.

4. Mokosh Organic Skincare

9 Organic Face Creams & Moisturizers For Your Low-Impact Lotion Needs Image by Mokosh Skincare #organicfacecream #bestorganicfacecreams #naturalorganicfacecream #organicfacemoisturizer #organicfacialmoisturizer #bestorganicfacemoisturizers #sustainablejungle
Image by Mokosh Skincare

*Note: Mokosh’s organic facial lotions are vegan, but their Pure Body Balm and the Coconut & Blackcurrant Lip Balm contain beeswax.

About Mokosh Skincare’s Organic & Natural Face Cream

Mokosh Skincare offers award-winning organic moisturizers for face, body, and lips—but we’re mostly concerned with the first one.

If you have normal skin, try the antioxidant-enriched Light organic face cream for dry skin.

However, if you’re looking for the best organic face moisturizer for sensitive skin or and aging skin, try the concentrated Bakuchiol Revival Serum. It delivers a combination of skin barrier protecting plant oils and cell replenishing nutrients that have been compared to retinol.

Regardless of what your skin needs, you’ll only find 100% certified organic, vegan ingredients.

About Mokosh Skincare

Australia-based Mokosh Skincare is here to demystify skincare with science and Ayurveda (an Indian form of alternative medicine) to deliver concentrated nutrition to your skin. 

Founder Marion O’Leary uses her background as a medical scientist to ensure the most effective formulations are created.

She prioritizes fair trade and organic ingredients and doesn’t use palm oil as per their certification with Orangutan Alliance.

Mokosh is also Choose Cruelty Free certified, supports tree planting through Carbon Neutral and Plant-a-Tree, and has a container return scheme where everything (bottles, lids, pumps, etc.) can be sent back to be refilled or properly recycled with Terracycle

They donate to One Girl, a charity educating girls in Africa.

5. One Love Organics

9 Organic Face Creams & Moisturizers For Your Low-Impact Lotion Needs Image by Sustainable Jungle #organicfacecream #bestorganicfacecreams #naturalorganicfacecream #organicfacemoisturizer #organicfacialmoisturizer #bestorganicfacemoisturizers #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

*Note: One Love Organics uses RSPO-certified palm oil and beeswax, but the moisturizers are vegan. 

About One Love Organics’ Natural & Organic Moisturizer For Faces

If you’re after one of the best face or body moisturizers, One Love Organics has more than a few options containing only Ecocert-certified natural and organic ingredients.

If you have combination skin, try the Love + Rose Hydrating Serum. It features high molecular hyaluronic acid and contains anti-blue light properties to protect skin from staring into screens all day, like many of us do.

The coconut oil-based Skin Savior Multi-Tasking Wonder Balm is a “multi-tasking miracle” organic face cream for men and women that can be used as a makeup remover, face mask, and moisturizer.

That’s just a taste of their natural organic moisturizer line, including vitamin E and vitamin C specific formulas.

All are synthetic fragrance free, dermatologist tested, and formulated to keep the skin’s pH level just below 5.

About One Love Organics

One Love Organics was founded by Suzanne LaRoux, a lawyer-turned-body-care-creator.

She combined her passion for holistic living with lessons from her pharmacist father and rural upbringing to create clean, effective, and luxurious products. 

Certified by Ecocert COSMOS, Leaping Bunny, and Green America, OLO doesn’t compromise on ingredient safety, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability.

They use palm oil minimally as possible and when they do, it’s RSPO-certified.

Everything is made in small batches out of their small lab in Georgia and packaged in amber glass jars.

6. Butter Me Up Organics

9 Organic Face Creams & Moisturizers For Your Low-Impact Lotion Needs Image by Sustainable Jungle #organicfacecream #bestorganicfacecreams #naturalorganicfacecream #organicfacemoisturizer #organicfacialmoisturizer #bestorganicfacemoisturizers #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

*Note: Some non-toxic facial moisturizers are vegan, but their Night Cream and Clear Face Facial Moisturizer contain beeswax.

About Butter Me Up Organics’ Nourishing Organic Face Creams & Oils

Whether you need organic lotion for face or body, Butter Me Up Organics can certainly butter you up.

Their range includes various night creams, anti-aging facial serums, blemish cream, under eye balm, and more.

The Sea Buckthorn Facial Moisturizer is founder Jillian’s “favorite facial moisturizer ever” and we have to agree. It features aloe vera and green tea for anti-aging benefits and acne-fighting properties. 

You’ll never see synthetic chemicals, preservatives, palm oil derivatives, or dyes on the ingredient lists.

Everything comes in a reusable or recyclable glass jar with a metal lid or dropper cap. 

About Butter Me Up Organics

Butter Me Up Organics say it best:

Don’t put anything on your body that you wouldn’t put in it.”

Whether you have sensitive skin yourself or shopping organic baby skin care products for you little one, they aim to keep you healthy and non-toxic on all fronts.

Their cruelty-free products are made with organic herbs, plant and seed oils, and essential oils.

All products are plastic-free.

7. Ethique

9 Organic Face Creams & Moisturizers For Your Low-Impact Lotion Needs Image by Sustainable Jungle #organicfacecream #bestorganicfacecreams #naturalorganicfacecream #organicfacemoisturizer #organicfacialmoisturizer #bestorganicfacemoisturizers #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

About Ethique’s Best Organic Facial Moisturizer

When it comes to the best face moisturizer, organic and package-free go cheek-to-cheek.

Baby smooth skin is possible without single-use pots and plastic pumps, all thanks to Ethique.

We’ve found one of the best organic face lotions in their Saving Face solid face serum.

The formulation includes shea butter, rosehip oil, and pomegranate oil, and provides the nutrients and hydration needed for firm and healthy skin. 

Then there’s the best organic face moisturizer for mature skin: The Perfector. 

It uses hyaluronic acid and kokum butter’s essential fatty acids to hydrate those living in cold, dry climates or for generally weathered and mature skin. 

All formulas come in compostable cardboard tubes.

About Ethique

Ethique is a New Zealand-based company that has revolutionized the way we think about home and body care products by urging us to #giveupthebottle. 

Think: zero waste deodorant, dish soap, and much more.

Ethique’s products have so far prevented millions of plastic bottles from being made, used, and disposed of.

They’re certified cruelty-free, vegan, palm oil-free, and use only natural and organic ingredients. 

Ethique is also Climate Neutral, a Certified B Corp, donates a portion of its profits to charities like Wildlife Warriors, and plants a tree for every order.

Also available on Amazon | Holland & Barrett (UK) | Nourished Life (AU)

8. Etee

9 Organic Face Creams & Moisturizers For Your Low-Impact Lotion Needs Image by Sustainable Jungle #organicfacecream #bestorganicfacecreams #naturalorganicfacecream #organicfacemoisturizer #organicfacialmoisturizer #bestorganicfacemoisturizers #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

*Note: While not all etee products are palm oil-free, their lotion bars are.

About etee’s Organic Face Lotions Canada

etee has a magical ability to transform all of our favorite products into a bar. 

Their Lotion Bar is an all-in-one moisturizer for your whole body, face to fingers to feet. 

Made with just six ingredients, including organic sunflower oil, Kokum and cocoa butters, beeswax (so this one isn’t vegan, folks), arrowroot powder, and tangerine essential oil, it’s arguably the best organic face cream for sensitive skin

No sulfates, parabens, palm oil, harsh chemicals, or plastic inside this reusable tin pot.

About etee

This sustainable alternative to Amazon has most self-care essentials you’ll need—from toothbrushes to refillable cleaning products.

While they prioritize being plastic-free down to the biodegradable cellulose packing tape, everything also happens to be natural and organic.

They have an ethical and transparent supply chain and are powered by 100% renewable energy—though they use minimal machinery to prevent as much electricity use as possible. 

etee also gives back in several ways, like donating to local women’s shelters.

etee has featured in articles on bamboo electric toothbrushes and zero waste dental floss.

9. Empiresquid Organics

9 Organic Face Creams & Moisturizers For Your Low-Impact Lotion Needs Image by EmpireSquid Organics #organicfacecream #bestorganicfacecreams #naturalorganicfacecream #organicfacemoisturizer #organicfacialmoisturizer #bestorganicfacemoisturizers #sustainablejungle
Image by EmpireSquid Organics

*Note: Not all ES products are vegan, but vegan substitutes can be made on request

About EmpireSquid Organics’ Organic Face Cream With SPF

With names like Facefood and Baby Face, the natural organic skin moisturizers from EmpireSquid Organics are surely the most creative. 

But what is the best organic face moisturizer?

One suited to your specific needs, and EmpireSquid sells almost two dozen organic facial repair serums and butters for oily skin, ultra dry skin, and everything in between.

For the best organic face moisturizer with SPF in the form of the Sun Shade. It’s a lightweight zero waste sunscreen formulated with naturally sun protective ingredients like red raspberry seed oil, combined with moisturizing organic hazelnut and macadamia oils.

No matter which suits your skin type, you’ll find formulas enriched with “Mother Nature’s greatest gifts” like baobab, rosehip seed, pomegranate seed, and sea buckthorn oils.

Any rich cream contain organic beeswax, but the oils and sprays are generally vegan.

They come in glass pots, dropper bottles, or pump bottles which are either recyclable or reusable. 

About EmpireSquid Organics

EmpireSquid Organics is an organic skincare empire for all skin types.

Being family-run means they design products for the entire family – affordable organic skin care moisturizers (and other products) for men, women, and children.

You can search their site by skin type to find the best organic moisturizer, mask, or toner for you. 

They’re all made-to-order with high-quality Fair Trade ingredients that are about 70% organic and 100% palm oil-free and cruelty-free.

EmpireSquid Organics has featured in an article on zero waste lotion.

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How We Found These Organic & Natural Face Moisturizers

To find the best moisturizer, organic was obviously a key factor here.

That doesn’t necessarily mean certified organic, but the best natural face moisturizers, like organic bath bombs, tend to have ingredients approved by Ecocert COSMOS, USDA Organic, and others.

Just as you have to consider various factors if you have a combination skin type, we considered a combination of our ethical and sustainable beauty standards to asses brands:

  • Non-toxic: We always look for non-synthetic natural skin care ingredients that are pregnancy safe and largely plant-based, like sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and hyaluronic acid (which, contrary to how it sounds, it indeed natural).
  • Vegan: While you may have heard of the benefits of organic collagen face cream, collagen is usually an animal byproduct, so we skipped this. However, we did occasionally consider ethically-sourced beeswax, but appreciate brands that offer alternatives, too.
  • Cruelty-free: Moisturized skin at the expense of animal cruelty? Never. 
  • Palm oil free: Or RSPO-certified.
  • Ethical ingredient sourcing
  • Thoughtful packaging: Ideally, this means zero waste (i.e. compostable or reusable) but we also considered recyclable options or those that at least try to minimize their waste.

Final Thoughts On The Best Organic & Natural Face Creams

We hope this list puts the “ace” in the best natural face creams.

Whether you have a combination, dry, aging, or oily skin type, the best natural face moisturizers, like natural face serums, will always be formulated with simple, healthy ingredients.

We all know the skin is the body’s largest organ, and it absorbs 64% to 100% of what it comes in contact with. Our bodies are basically eating our chosen skincare routine products.

We certainly aren’t slurping on any emulsifiers, so why should our skin be?

Speaking of slurping, if this list sold you on an organic tinted moisturizer that’s good enough to eat, give your friends the skin(ny) by passing along these clean beauty brands.

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9 Organic Face Creams & Moisturizers For Your Low-Impact Lotion Needs Image by Butter Me Up Organics #organicfacecream #bestorganicfacecreams #naturalorganicfacecream #organicfacemoisturizer #organicfacialmoisturizer #bestorganicfacemoisturizers #sustainablejungle

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